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Here at Zinc Digital, we’re big fans of website traffic of all kinds. We’ll help you plan your PPC campaign, which will bring a fast increase in traffic to your site, and we’ll help you use CRO to effectively convert them when they arrive.

But it’s undeniable that the most in-demand kind of traffic is organic traffic. Organic traffic is site visitors that have found your site independently. There are many ways to increase this, but they are rarely a quick solution. Consistently high levels of organic traffic takes a lot of effort, in the form of a continuous improvement plan.

SEO is vital to organic site traffic. The way that most potential visitors find your site will be through search engines, so ensure that your site is optimised well. In addition to this, you should be considering the following tips to grow your organic site traffic.

Featured Snippets

Often considered ‘Position 0’, getting your site on a Featured Snippet will do wonders for your traffic. It is the box at the top of Google that offers a quick, direct answer to a searched question. You don’t have to have top ranking to be featured – use long tail keywords to answer a specific question. Consider the question that will be asked, and offer a clear answer.

Content marketing

Give visitors a reason to visit your site that isn’t purely an interest in purchase. By investing in well-written, relevant and interesting content, you’ll bring many more to your site. Not only does a high number of visitors improve your search engine rankings, but you’ll gain a reputation as a company that knows what they are talking about. By sharing your name like this, you’ll get repeat visitors that may one day become customers.

Social Media

Never underestimate the audience you could get from social media platforms. Depending on what kind of business you have, different channels could work for you. Nevertheless, by consistently promoting your business, blog posts and successes whilst also engaging with others, you’ll build relationships that will bring visitors to your site. Done well, you’ll have others linking to your content, which will improve your trust flow.

Use Keywords Strategically

Keyword research is the first step you should take when beginning any SEO strategy. Many people only choose high-performing keywords, but the competition is often so fierce that all but the largest companies will be wasting their time. Instead, long-tail keywords that narrow down these search terms will get you much better results. They’ll have lower search volumes, but those that do search will be far more likely to convert.

It can be a timely process to increase your traffic, but it’s worth it. By understanding complex SEO techniques and building an online community, you can keep organic visitors coming to your site

For more information on how you can get organic traffic, or a free SEO Health Check, contact Zinc Digital today.

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