How Charities Are Missing Out On Free Digital Grants


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There’s no shortage of good causes, but there’s certainly competition for the resources every charity needs to support their cause. Charities in the UK are constantly in need of donations, volunteers and increased awareness. Finding these things costs money and time that is limited.

That’s why we’re surprised that so few charities are making use of an incredible resource. Google Grants offers qualifying charities a free monthly spend of $10,000USD, to be used on their AdWords account. This enables charities to spread their message to a larger audience, encourages volunteers, and raises money at virtually no cost.

Google AdWords drives relevant, valuable traffic to your site. It targets those who are already searching and interested, so they’re more likely to be engaged when they reach your site.

Not only are you entitled to free Ad spend, but you’re able to monitor your ads to keep track of what works, what doesn’t, and how many people you’re able to reach. No other form of advertising can give you the same insight as PPC.

To qualify, your charity needs to:

  • Have a Google AdWords account
  • Be a Registered UK Charity
  • Have an active website with a place to donate

Where does Zinc come in?

We know Google AdWords. We’ll help you create your AdWords account and guide you through registering for Google Grants. Once you’ve qualified, you’ll need to maintain your account to remain so. Google requires charities to follow their guidelines, use the account regularly, and keep a high Quality Score to remain eligible for the grant.

We’ll plan your campaigns, target your audiences and choose you keywords so that your money is spent in a way that will get you the best return.

Contact us today to find out how to make the most of your free $10,000 spend!

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