How To Boost My Black Friday Sales


Digital Performance

Black Friday is one of the biggest sales events of the year. Hundreds of thousands of potential customers are online, hoping to find the perfect deal. This presents business owners with a unique opportunity to dramatically increase sales and find new customers.

With PPC, you can boost your Black Friday sales even more, and make the most of a day dedicated to commerce!


Take care of the basics

For an effective Black Friday campaign, you need a strong foundation. Ensure that you plan your offer thoroughly, choose a precise target market and have established a viable budget before you do anything else. Don’t forget to include new promotional ad copy and keywords, and to make full use of Ad Extensions.


Choose your channels tactically

Depending on your business, it’s not always cost-effective to post campaigns on every available platform. Consider where you have the best chance of reaching your target market, and focus the majority of your efforts in those places. Bear in mind that today’s consumer is always on mobile, so choose a channel that facilitates that.


Use website and customer history

Your website statistics and existing customers hold a goldmine of information that you might not be using to its full advantage. Use this to guide you when you’re choosing your channels, message and target market.


Always adapt

The best PPC campaigns are consistently monitored and adapted, depending on their performance. Just setting it and leaving it won’t get you the best ROI – ensure that you’re updating bids, monitoring keywords and staying profitable. Don’t be afraid to move budget to where it can be used more effectively.


Don’t limit yourself to one day!

Although Black Friday is only one day, your PPC campaign can be active for much longer than that. Consider using a two week promotion or simply “while stocks last”. Advertise your exclusive Black Friday deals in the days before, and then continue your campaign past Black Friday for as long as the ROI is positive and you can fulfill the orders.


In our experience, one well-planned Black Friday campaign can return rewards for months afterwards. Customers love a great deal, and you’ll love having a steady stream of business. Capturing visitors this year will provide a great remarketing campaign for next year

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