How To Boost Your Xmas Sales With PPC


Paid Search

If you think that you’re ready to relax after Black Friday, think again. There are still plenty of opportunities to boost your sales before Christmas..

At this time, your PPC strategy needs to be at its strongest. It’s a competitive time, but almost everybody in the country is going to be buying something. By planning your campaigns well, you can have incredible success with your digital marketing.

Festive Keywords

Know your customer, and know what they’ll need in time for the festive season. Those looking for inspiration might be searching for a gift related to a specific interest or a type of person. Ensure that your keywords are tailored to fit these searches, so that your ads will be shown to the best audience.

Remarketing, Remarketing, Remarketing

In the Christmas rush, your customers are doing their research. They’re out there searching for the perfect gift at the best price, so you need to make sure that you are never far from their minds. Remarketing to those who have visited your site or abandoned their basket enables you to remind potential customers of your product, show them offers to entice them back, and regain the sale.

Up your bids

Christmas is one of the most competitive seasons for anybody selling anything. Even if you have been doing well throughout the year, now is not the time to relax. Your competitors will be stepping up their game, so you’ll need to stay ahead of them by allocating more funds to your account and adjusting bids as you see what is doing well.

If you’re not mobile friendly, you should be

Today’s buyer is always on mobile. By neglecting this side of your digital marketing, you’re missing out on an enormous market. Not only should you ensure that your PPC Campaign is mobile-friendly, but also that your site is responsive. Often, users will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, so its in your businesss interests to keep things quick.

Don’t forget your last-minute shoppers

The Christmas Shopping period is busy for everybody. Your advertising can run all the way from late October to Christmas Eve, but once you’re in mid-December you’re able to target a certain kind of shopper. Those who are yet to buy by this time value fast delivery, gift-wrapping options, and anything else that you can offer to make this time less stressful for them.

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