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We’re happy to welcome Phil Harding to the Zinc Team as our newest Digital Account Strategist. Phil has joined our Digital Marketing team based in Northampton as an ecommerce specialist.

Phil has over six years of experience in online retailing as an SME Marketing Consultant. With Zinc, he will continue to share this knowledge to help other companies grow their business online, maintaining his successful track record in sales, marketing and team building. His wealth of experience with clients across a wide range of industries is an incredible asset to our team at Zinc.

Within a month of joining the company, Phil has already engaged with six key accounts, and provided them with measurable growth strategies. We can’t wait to see what else he can do!

In his spare time, Phil enjoys snowboarding, and has a keen interest in graffiti. He lives in Northamptonshire with his partner, daughter, and a cat named Jeff.

“”My goal at Zinc is to be an invaluable resource for our clients. I hope to be a part of taking this company to the next level by advancing our clients into their chosen marketplace”

Zinc are in an exciting time of growth. Over the past few months, we’ve welcomed eight people to our team to help us as the company develops. We’re looking forward to seeing everything Phil can do for our clients, and for Zinc.

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