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QuickTip: How to crop/resize an image

Pictures are a vital part of any web page, but they can become problematic when it’s time to add one to your site.

In many CMS systems, including Admin247, there is a maximum image size for uploads. This can become a problem when trying to upload high-res images that are often much larger than 2MB.

Similarly, headers, footers and site images often need to conform to specific size limits, to keep the site looking the way it should.  

Knowing how to crop or resize an image to suit your needs is a helpful skill. There is no default tool on Windows that allows you to do this easily. Although it’s possible to crop or resize using Preview on a Mac, the tool also has limitations.

For this reason, we recommend using picresize.com. This allows you to choose a maximum file size, as well as cropping to specifications such as a certain banner size.

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