What Marketers Need To Know About AdBlockers


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Ad Blockers are quickly becoming a part of the everyday browsing experience. In the UK, 16% of devices use an Ad Blocker, with many of those devices belonging to Millennials. Furthermore, in 2018, Google Chrome will release an update with an integrated Ad Blocker. This will block ads from sites that don’t comply with their standards, preventing the billions of Chrome users from seeing certain online advertising.

Marketers might think that the rise of Ad Blockers signals the decline of paid advertising, but this is not the case.

Don’t be part of the problem – remove intrusive ads

In a Google survey, it was found that 69% of people were motivated to install ad blockers by annoying or intrusive advertising. The majority of those who use ad blockers don’t necessarily mind being advertised to, but rather dislike the interruption. A loud pop-up ad might get their attention, but it probably won’t get a sale.

There are fewer Ad Blockers on mobile devices

The internet is going mobile, and this goes double for advertising. Although it is possible to install adblocking software on a mobile, the percentage of people in the UK who do so is very low. Therefore, to maximise your reach online, make sure to create mobile-friendly campaigns.

AdBlock encourages us to step up our game on organic advertising

In order to reach those who are avoiding paid advertising, it’s important to keep your organic advertising high quality. Invest in some SEO to keep yourself in a high ranking position on search engines, and spend some time creating some high-quality content. Content Marketing is the best way to advertise to those who use ad blockers, as it’s interesting, relevant, and subtle.

The most important thing to remember about Ad Blockers is that, while the number of Ad Block users is growing, it is not yet the majority. The traditional methods of digital marketing are still effective in reaching a targeted audience. By adapting your marketing strategy to accommodate those who have installed an ad blocker, you can have just as much, if not more, advertising success.

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