What the Google Adwords Changes Mean For Your Business


Paid Search

Earlier this year, Google announced changes that would be affecting both Adwords and the Google Display Network. These changes are will go into effect in the coming months, so marketers need to be prepared to keep their campaigns running successfully.

Uncapping ECPC

ECPC is the Enhanced Cost per Click that caps spend on audience and location dimensions. Google is removing this cap, stating that it will prevent you losing quality conversions that could have been lost due to capped bids.

If you use ECPC, you should keep an eye on your campaigns to avoid an unexpected increase in your spend. It’s also important to know that this doesn’t extend to device dimensions, so you should still account for mobile bid adjustments.

Ad Ranks

Ad Rank is what determines where your text ad is placed. It is calculated through your landing page experience, CPC bid, projected CTR and the relevance of your ad.

From this summer, relevance is going to become a far more influential factor. Context will now be taken into account – your ad may not show if there is more relevant organic content. As a result of this, bids may have more effect on your position, depending on the category or query meaning. On competitive keywords with the potential for relevant queries, you should increase bids to ensure that you are above the competition.

PPC is going to continue to go through many changes in the coming months. With Google Shopping Ads and mobile ads being constantly adapted, it’s important to remain on the pulse of this form of marketing.

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