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Everybody has experienced an annoying ad online. Whether it’s a persistent pop-up or an ad that plays audio, many advertisers have no problem with interrupting a browsing experience to get their message across.

In fact, intrusive ads are the reason that 64% of Adblocker users installed the extension. The number of people who block adverts online is rising as more people grow impatient with advertising. For the businesses that rely on online advertising, and the companies that sell it, this is bad news.

It is for this reason, in an effort to encourage fewer people to block all ads, Google is releasing an update that will hold adverts across the internet to a higher standard. These ‘Better Ad Standards’ will change the way publishers advertise.

Google Chrome makes up over 50% of the market share, both on desktop and mobile. For any business using ads on their site, it’s important to know exactly what changes will be made.

With the new update for Google Chrome, the browser will block all adverts that don’t conform to their standards. This includes:

Desktop Ads

  • Repeated pop-up ads
  • Auto-playing video ads with sound
  • Prestitial ads (appear before content is loaded) with countdown
  • Large sticky ads (ads that stick to the edge of a page)

Mobile Ads

  • Repeated pop-up ads
  • Prestitial ads
  • Ad density higher than 30%
  • Flashing animated ads
  • Auto-playing video ads with sound
  • Prestitial ads with countdown
  • Full-screen scrollover ads
  • Large sticky ads

Not every advert will be removed – even some pop-ups are allowed, as long as they aren’t intrusive. The standards are designed to make the experience better for everybody – for Google, for users, and for businesses who will see more engagement from user-friendly advertising.

If you’re unsure whether or not your advert complies with these new standards, use the Google Ad Experience tool.

As a Digital Agency, we’ve always ensured that our clients comply with Google regulations for SEO and PPC. With the Better Ad Standards, we hope to guide our clients through creating adverts that have both the business and the consumer in mind.

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