At Zinc, we’ve worked with many charities. We love working with a diverse range of businesses, but charities might possibly be our favourite. Not only can we be a small part of something truly admirable, but we’re able to help these nonprofits grow by providing them with the guidance to really make a difference.

Many charities have been operating for years, but haven’t modernised their digital approach. To help, we’ve put together a checklist for nonprofits that can help you build a strategy for digital success. Some of this might seem basic, and some we might be able to help you with. All of it is key to growing your charity.

Before you start!

  • Discuss your goals
  • Set a reasonable budget
  • Determine your KPIs


  • Update your site regularly. Content should be revised every few months, and the entire site should be refreshed every few years
  • Make your site mobile responsive – either by launching a new responsively designed website, optimising your current site, or launching a separate mobile website.
  • Include a clear way to donate on every page of your site


  • If you have not had one in the past year, get an SEO Health Check to see if you are missing out on valuable organic traffic
  • Use keyword research to find which keywords are right for your charity
  • Remove all duplicated content, including repeated wording from your own site and content from elsewhere on the internet
  • Make use of local SEO, especially if you’re a smaller charity

Paid Search

  • Apply for Google Grants to get $10,000 of free spend per month
  • Plan strategic Adwords campaigns each month to get the most of this offer
  • Ensure that you or your agency adhere to the Google Grants regulations to stay qualified


  • Create a blog facility on your website
  • Write high-quality content (optimised for SEO) that is relevant to your charity
  • Highlight your successes, share stories, and give valuable advice that will bring in readers
  • Write and send press releases to inform local news sources of your activities

Email Marketing

  • Create mailing lists for those who have donated, volunteered, or otherwise interacted with your nonprofit
  • Design branded templates for newsletters and fundraising emails
  • Include a donate button and social sharing on all communication
  • Prepare a schedule and send your emails out accordingly
  • Always send a ‘Thank You’ email to donors

Social Media

  • Create cohesive, matching headers and icons for all channels
  • Create a content calendar and post on all channels regularly
  • Consistently engage with those raising money for your cause
  • Use online donation platforms such as GoFundMe and JustGiving to make it easy for others to give
  • Always promote your fundraising activity, blog posts, and any volunteers
  • Consider using Facebook groups, Twitter Lists and YouTube to spread your message

Zinc is here to help you as we’ve helped many others. Whether it’s a Google Grant or a full website overhaul, you’re in safe hands with us.

Contact us today to get started!

This creative insight was written by:

Caitlin Burns

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