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What Is The Internet Of Things And How Can It Help My Organisation?

IoT, better known as the Internet of Things, is something that’s a part of your daily life – whether you know it or not. If you use your TV to stream shows, your phone to control your thermostat, or your fitness tracker to tell you how active you are, you’re using the internet of things.

Put simply, the Internet of Things is the inclusion of connectivity into a device that wouldn’t ordinarily have any intelligence. It’s more than wifi capability – the true potential lies with sensors. Rolls Royce engines use a sensor to send information about how they’re operating, enabling engineers to know when a problem is developing before it becomes an issue. John Deere collects data on the time, methods, and locations of crop harvests to better understand the way that farmers work. These businesses have taken the concept of IoT and turned it into a way to set their organisation apart from others.

IoT in the workplace isn’t just about having a connected workforce – it’s about incorporating emerging technologies into your business to keep your organisation at the forefront of its industry.

Your business will operate faster

Many of the benefits to your business that IoT brings can be simply summarised into one phrase: ‘it will work far more efficiently’. If you use or make equipment, there’s potential to reduce maintenance costs, avoid unexpected failures, and (). If you sell products, you’ll be able to manage inventory, Your staff will be more connected and more efficient. All in all, your business will have the ability to work more productively, for less cost.

You’ll have a deeper understanding of your customers

With the power of the internet behind you, you could have a direct connection to your product. You’ll be able to see exactly how it’s being used, which functionalities it’s lacking, and engage with your customers constantly. This is how companies develop products that fit their target market’s needs, whether that’s smart TVs with the most in-demand services or healthcare providers that can help monitor symptoms.

You’ll be able to make informed, smart decisions

The data that you could gain from this understanding should inform the decisions you make going forward. There’s clear, statistical information regarding staff requirements, machine efficiency and potential opportunities that can help you keep your organisation profitable, productive, and developing. It’s the level of insight that most businesses can only dream of.

You’ll have endless opportunities to innovate

When it comes to the Internet of Things, you aren’t limited to what you think is possible, or even needed. It’s time to think bigger. Adding intelligence to the items you use on a daily basis could revolutionise the way you work, and transform your company into an entirely new way of working. The data you collect could become a catalyst for a shift in the way you do business, or be valuable to an audience you never anticipated.

The Internet of Things brings with it an entirely new way to look at your organisation. The world around us is growing smarter, and it’s the companies that are ahead of the curve that truly thrive in this environment.

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