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What You Should Know About Cloud Hosting: Dedicated vs Shared

As a digital agency, Zinc build and host hundreds of websites each year. Hosting is, essentially, where your website is stored. The site is kept on a server, ready to be connected to when a user goes online to visit it. There are many options when it comes to hosting, but Zinc offer the two that suit the needs of our customers the most: shared cloud or dedicated cloud.

Zinc only host our sites on the cloud. This is because cloud hosting provides us with better flexibility, scalability, performance and pricing options that we can pass onto our customers. It’s important to us that the sites we host are easily backed up, and can be recovered in the unlikely event of a server failure. With cloud hosting, we’re able to offer you more security and stability than with other forms of hosting.

We’ll always discuss your needs and requirements with you, and make a recommendation based on our experience. We want to make sure that you understand the options available to you from Zinc, and can always make an informed decision.


Choose shared cloud hosting if:

You have one or two sites that aren’t expected to have high amounts of traffic

  • With a shared cloud server, you are sharing the resources with the others hosted there. Most sites with normal use won’t have any negative effects on their performance by being on a shared server, but if yours is going to need an unusually high percentage of the shared resources, it may be better to choose dedicated cloud hosting.

You are hoping to keep the costs down

  • For most people, the main reason that they don’t opt for the higher levels of security and resourcing that a dedicated cloud hosting solution provides is the cost. A server requires management and maintenance, the cost of which is divided between those who are using it. Therefore, if you have no need for the extra benefits of a dedicated cloud server, shared hosting offers a low-cost alternative.


Choose dedicated cloud hosting if:

Security is a priority

  • Shared hosting is still a secure solution, and in most cases your site will have no issues. Nevertheless, it is still a shared space, and is therefore more vulnerable than a dedicated server that is yours alone. If you store a lot of sensitive data or (something), a dedicated cloud solution is a good choice.

You’ll be taking up a lot of capacity

  • If you will be hosting several sites with us, or are going to be launching a network of portals or intranets, a dedicated hosting solution is a good option. It means that no matter how much resource you’ll need to use, your server will be ready to handle it without any other requirements being made of it.


At Zinc, we’re experts in everything digital. Our hosting is designed to give our customers the highest level of service with minimal downtime. That’s why we always make sure to recommend the hosting solution that works with your needs.

To talk about what your businesses needs from its hosting, talk to the Zinc team today.

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