10 AdobeXD shortcuts you need to know about



Our design team lives in Adobe. We use InDesign for our print work, Illustrator for our logos and Premiere to edit videos. We were delighted when Adobe released XD, a way to design websites that enabled them to come to life. With this platform, we can visualise and present a design all in one place. It allows us to link pages together to simulate the navigation and flow of a site in a way that wasn’t possible before.

As we spend so much time in XD,  we’ve got to know it pretty well. Shortcuts make everything go more smoothly and keep our design process quick! Here are the ones we use every day, and the ones our team find the most useful


Duplicate Artboard

Mac: Select Artboard Title + CMD + D

Windows: Select Artboard title + Ctrl + D


Switch between design and prototype mode

Mac: ^Tab

Windows: Ctrl + Tab


See all connections in prototype mode

Mac: ⌘A

Windows: Ctrl + A


Share prototype online

Mac: ⇧⌘E

Windows: Ctrl + Shift + E


Show Layout Grid

Mac: ⇧ ⌘ ‘

Windows: Shift + Ctrl + ‘


Increase or decrease a value in a field by 1

Mac: ↑ or ↓

Windows:↑ or ↓


Fullscreen Mode

Mac: ^⌘F

Windows: Not available


Make repeat grid

Mac: ⌘R

Windows: Ctrl + R



Mac: ⇧

Windows: Shift



Mac: I

Windows: I


These shortcuts get used all day, every day by our design team. We’re always learning and looking for new ways to improve our process. It’s what makes us one of the best creative design agencies in the area.

If you’re hoping to work with a design team that’s all about learning and improving our skills, talk to Zinc.

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