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3 Industries Who Need To Make Tech A Priority Today

In this day and age, technology is becoming a part of business in a way that couldn’t have been predicted 25 years ago. Woven into our daily lives, technology has become the way we shop, the way we travel, and the way we communicate. 

As a technology company, we know that businesses in every industry should be considering technology as a way to step up their offering. We’ve helped those in a range of industries, but in our work within the following sectors has shown us that there are untapped possibilities. For those working within these industries, it’s time to be amongst the first to take true advantage of the opportunities technology can bring.  


The world of healthtech has been developing with velocity in recent years. We’ve worked with both the NHS and private healthcare providers on portals, but we’re excited to see the disruptive innovation emerging. The private sector especially is seeing smarter ways to talk to a doctor, get a prescription and manage your health with technology. Because of this, the NHS is falling behind. Although the report ‘Preparing The Healthcare Workforce To Deliver The Digital Future’ proclaims optimistic plans to embrace artificial intelligence, digital medicine and robotics, this needs to follow through. It follows a succession of reports from previous years that reiterate the importance of these emerging technologies in providing the best and most efficient care to service users. Where private healthcare accelerates, our public system needs the support and momentum to catch up. 

Local Authorities

In the world of local authorities, efficiency is key. With limited funds, any time saved or process streamlined is money saved. This is where technology can become an integral part of the way that local governments work. There are endless possibilities when it comes to automation, which can help with revenues and benefits. There have even been experiments with the Internet of Things, which can be a great tool in Housing Association properties to manage their maintenance and usage. In general, the level of data and analytics that could become available to local authorities using an innovative technology solution would quickly become one of the most vital insights available. This is just the beginning. With all this focus on internal communication, technology could also make the channel of communication between local authorities and those they truly work for – the public – far more open.  


We’ve been working within security technology for years. Of all the industries, this is one that we’ve seen grow from strength to strength, and the one that we see so much potential for progress within. Every security organisation from the military to retail asset management deserves a system that protects and enables those working within it. This doesn’t mean losing the valuable ‘boots on the ground’ approach. It means equipping those workers with better tools for a more efficient way to work. There are still great strides that can be taken within the security industry regarding AI. The possibilities of facial recognition, threat detection, incident management and data analytics that this brings could revolutionise the sector. 

The time and investment in emerging smart technologies in these industries would deliver a return on investment and contribute significantly to the progress of the sector. Digital transformation should be your future. 

If you’re an industry leader looking to be the first to make an important step with your organisation, talk to the Zinc Digital technology team. We’d love to be a part of your revolution. 

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