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4 Steps To Your Business Application

Technology is quickly becoming a part of day-to-day business processes. As a systems development company, we are being approached by more and more organisations that want to take their processes to the next level, searching for more streamlined processes, better communication and a simpler way to report. Digital transformation is on everybody’s agenda. 

From beginning to end, system development can be a large task. For companies undergoing a digital transformation it is important to understand the full process, timelines and roles involved. This enables us to work together in partnership and deliver a project that fulfils your requirements, as and when you need them.

At Zinc, we operate within a tried and tested process. It’s helped us deliver exceptional work to many happy clients. 



We start with conversation. We’ll invite you to our office, or come to visit you, in order to identify what your requirements are and ensure we’re all on the same page. We’ll need to know what you are hoping the system will function like, the problem it is solving for you, and the results you’re hoping to see. 

Once we’ve defined the objectives, scope, purpose, and deliverables, we’ll put together a project team. This ensures that we assign the best people for the job to your project, incorporating any specialist knowledge that will be needed. An average team includes a Project Manager for your day-to-day communication, developers and QA beneath them to complete the tasks required, and a Sponsor to supply resources and act as an escalation point. This team will then supply you with logs that will document the project as it progresses. This will ensure we keep track of the actions taken, the risks that could arise, and the lessons learned along the way. 


Discovery & planning

To make sure that your project will be delivered on time, and that we have all the resources we need to do this, we’ll lay out a project plan and a risk plan. These help us to manage expectations, time, costs and ensure we foresee anything that might become an issue. We’ll also lay out the communication plan to define the updates that you’ll get. This stage is designed to cover every eventuality and make an allowance that will still result in a product delivery at the end.

The end result is a fully planned, week-by week strategy that keeps both our customers and our team informed about what’s going to happen when. 



The execution phase is where all the planning comes into action. We work to an agile development methodology, which means that we plan in two week blocks known as ‘sprints’. This enables us to manage the project closely, addressing any scheduling issues and deviating from the risks. This also enables us to be flexible when it comes to adding different or new functionality, able to add this in with a view to how it may affect the project as a whole. Each sprint is prefaced with a sizing meeting and concluded with a review that helps us determine if we’re behind schedule or have encountered any issues in this sprint. We keep track of the sprint progress with a daily standup meeting and ongoing change management if required. 

During this time, we also complete QA testing, adding any fixes into our next sprint. Once this is all complete, we undergo a full end of stage review to summarise the actions and project. 



The final stage in the product life cycle, closure ensures that the project is formally closed and offers a reporting process to ascertain successes. We do this with a project closure report to summarize everything that’s been done, alongside a benefit and objective review which can be over a series of months to collect enough data. We’ll ask for formal acceptance from our customer, and then hand the project over to our Service Desk in the event that the client needs any further support moving forward. 

The project development process is detailed and technical for a reason. By necessity, it brings together a customer and developers, both with different needs and timelines who need coordination and consistent reviewing. With the right management of both of these parties comes a well-developed product that fulfills the specification. Throughout the entire process is communication, agility and improvement. 


If you’re interested in elevating your business processes with an application, speak to the Zinc team. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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