5 ways to spring clean your website



It’s springtime, and in most homes that means one thing – a spring clean. We like to treat our websites with as much love as our homes. If it’s not had much TLC in the long winter, why not try to bring it into the summer with a fresh new look.

Up-to-date visuals

Nothing ages a site like an outdated visual. Design trends come and go, so it’s easy to tell when you’re in need of an update. It doesn’t have to be a whole new site – just a few new banners can make a world of difference when it comes to the look and feel of a site. The people and products in your photography might not look the way they do now either. Be honest with yourself regarding whether this is a good representation of your business, and if not then book yourself a fresh photo shoot.

New copy

How old is your site? Would you say that everything you do is the exact same as it was when you wrote the copy for it? You’d be surprised about the things you say that are out of date, products that aren’t there any more and statistics that are so old they are now obsolete. We’d recommend updating your copy on a yearly basis – little tweaks can help keep everything correct. If it’s all looking a bit old, it’s time for an overhaul.

An SSL Certificate

An SSL displays to your customers and to Google that you’re a website that’s secure. It stops anybody being alerted that your site isn’t private, speeds up the site, helps you rank more highly and protects the information coming and going from your address. It’s a vital part of a well-managed website, but is often overlooked. If you’ve got one, make sure you know when it will run out. If you haven’t, it’s time to get one.


Mobile traffic is making up an increasing number of your visitors – we can say this with confidence because it’s a trend that’s consistent across the internet. The phone is the go-to for a quick, easy search. You want to make sure that your site can deliver the answers that your visitors are looking for no matter what, so if your site isn’t responsive, this should go to the top of your list. Mobive design can come in many shapes and sizes, but the Zinc team recommend you develop responsive (not adaptive, which is tailored to specific screen sizes or a separate mobile URL). This will provide the best experience for a user, whilst maintaining one domain.

That Thing You’ve Been Putting Off…

Maybe this falls into one of the suggestions we’ve already made – in which case, that’s one thing off your list! Every site has a job that’s needed doing for a while but never gets done. What starts out as a housekeeping task becomes constantly moved to the bottom of the list, and then it becomes a problem. Don’t let it get to this point – get the little jobs off the list as soon as you can.

If you’re looking to freshen up your site, talk to your Zinc Team today. We’ll be able to help you from your SSL to your imagery

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