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We live our life online – our social lives, home life and worklife are all connected. At Zinc, we’re fascinated with the technical innovations that are changing the way we live. For those living day-to-day life in a digital world, the tools available to us to make life easier are full of great ideas and clever tech. 

In the workplace, digital tools help our world go around. Some of these apps are part of our daily life here at Zinc, and some are some great ideas that we love to spread the word about. They’re all designed to use technology to make your digital life easier without spending a penny. 


If you’re thinking of getting started on social media, using Hootsuite is a great free tool. One of the biggest names in the business, it can help you plan out and schedule all of your social media so that you can consider it a monthly task instead of daily or weekly one. The free plan allows for 3 channels, so can take care of a business LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter without cost to you. Within this, you’re permitted to schedule 30 messages each month – enough for one per day. It saves you time, and gives you the ability to take control of task that’s very important to do. 

Google Drive

We know that, for most people, we don’t have to let you know that Google Drive exists. Nevertheless it’s a tool we use all day, every day at Zinc. We’re writing this blog post in it and once we’re done, getting it read over by all the right people is a case of sending a link. It’s perfect for working collaboratively, or if you tend to swap between devices and want your documents on your phone, tablet or laptop. You can back up your computer or phone, recover changes made on a document, convert PDFs – anything you need in an average workday. 


How many online accounts do you have? In 2015, research showed that the average user had at least 90 accounts online. In the time since that study, it is only natural that the number has increased. The official recommendation is that there’s a unique password for each account to protect you in the event of a data breach. LastPass is a free password manager that allows you to manage your accounts safely without the risk of a data breach. If you’re spending a lot of time online, it’s a must.    


A quick notes app that’s cloud based and at your fingertips, Evernote allows you to collect clippings from around the internet with a desktop extension and upload images from your phone. It’s great for keeping track of receipts, making notes in a meeting, sharing information and more. The free version has plenty of useful functionality, but you can always upgrade if you like the look of some of their premium offerings. 

Wisembly Jam

If your business is anything like ours, the meetings never stop. When you’re trying to get a few people from many departments together, working out who is available and what needs to be prepared can be a lengthy email chain. Jam by Wisembly is a meeting app that allows you to automate your meeting prep to make agendas, take minutes and follow up with the right people. It comes with a timer, surveys to get decisions made quickly and can integrate with whatever calendar you use. 

Google Analytics

Although it’s another one that many people familiar with agency life would consider to be a no-brainer, analytics is very underused platform. Once the code is on your site, it’s collecting vital data about who is coming to your site and what they’re up to whilst they’re there. 


If you’re drowning in email subscriptions, Unroll.me is an easy way to clear out the clutter. It shows you all your subscriptions in one place and allows you to unsubscribe from the ones that are doing nothing but taking up space. If you’re guilty of an overfull inbox, you need the help in taking control of it. If you prefer, you can add all your subscriptions to a single daily digest and receive it in one. 


We’re a big fan of a beautiful presentation at Zinc, and we’ve got a team full of talented graphic designers who help us create them. If you’re doing a full presentation we’d love to help, but for the little bits and pieces that help elevate your work to an even better standard.

Our technology department has our fingers on the pulse of the newest and best apps on the market that help us through a workday. 

We’ve been a part of developing some exciting, innovative products and can’t wait to get started on our next one. If you’re interested in an app development, get in touch with our technology department today.

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