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The Golden Rules of UX Design

As IBM Chairman Thomas John Watson Jr said, ‘good design is good business’. At Zinc, we’re firm believers in this philosophy. The design of your brand, site and communications are a reflection of your company as a whole, sending a message to potential customers whether you like it or not. Whether that message is positive or negative often comes down to good design.

There are a lot of ‘golden rules’ when it comes to design. With creativity there’s no right or wrong, but at Zinc we work to our own version of best practice. For us, that means:


Familiarity is your friend on a site. A patchwork site with lots of different colours, fonts, flows and styles will confuse visitors. In terms of design and User Experience, make it clear and clean. Use the same icons, a consistent colour scheme, and make sure that the way things work from page to page are similar. There are some design conventions – a logo in the top left, social media in the header or footer, a search bar at the top right – that should always be stuck to on sites – the same goes for application design. Keep things where they’re expected to be so that nobody is frustrated by looking for what they need, and can focus on your service.


We’re not talking Live Chat. When a customer is on the site, it’s a good idea to keep them up to date with what’s happening around them – it’s just good design. Progress bars on long forms, highlights on things they could have missed and thank you pages where they’re needed is all a way to keep your site visitor from being annoyed and lost onsite. When it comes to functionality, make sure that it’s clear what is required at all times.

Space and layout

White space is every designer’s favourite thing. Space can be used in a lot of different ways; to display imagery, to focus or direct attention, and to guide a user to interact in a certain way. At its simplest, it gives the elements on the page room to breathe. Don’t crowd the important bits with unnecessary information and be sure to balance your elements consistently.


Images bring a lot to your site. They bring explanation, action, realism and personality as well as design benefits. Nevertheless, it’s got to be done right. Make sure to use high quality images that look good on any screen size. It’s also best to choose images that are human-focused and natural – they’re far more engaging than a cold stock image. For devices, images need to make the most of the small space they have available.


The stories that can be told with colour are endless. Through a change in shade, your brand can come across corporate, relaxed, emotive or creative. It’s not just about whether the colour is nice – it’s about whether it reflects your identity, ties in with your logo, complements the rest of the site and does the job you need it to do. Choose it carefully and use it well.

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