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Your brand carries a lot of value in your business. At its core your business is known and recognisable for the colours it uses, the tone of voice it speaks in, and the logo you’ve chosen to represent yourself. Research has shown that for some businesses, 15% of your value is down to brand alone. For others that have made their branding their primary USP, such as Coca-Cola, the value of a brand can be 50%. Therefore, a rebrand is often one of the most valuable, yet risky, things that a business can do. 

A poorly planned and executed rebrand can be confusing and alienating to customers. Nevertheless, it’s a necessity for keeping your business current. For the Zinc Creatives, a rebrand isn’t just a logo. It’s something that has to be thought through from start to finish, honouring the previous brand yet bringing it into the present day. So, how do you nail a rebrand?


Plan ahead

It’s easy enough to contact a creative designer and say ‘I don’t like my branding’, but there are steps to take before that. You’ll need to review your brand as it stands, establish what you have at the moment and reflect on what’s actually working. This might not line up with what you do and don’t like, but if customers are responding well, it’s worth keeping. Surveys, employee focus groups and even Conversion Rate Optimisation can help you make the decision.

Consider your goals

You know you want to make things better, but what is ‘better’ in your book. Is it simply aesthetics, or is it about a change in perception or appealing to a new audience. Modernisation is usually the first thing people ask for, but it’s more important to think about the message that your brand is sending. Older logos tended to aim for formality and professionalism, whereas today’s logos are brighter and softer for a friendly feel. What is it that you are hoping to achieve as a result of this rebranding? 

Work on the foundations you already have in place

Your brand has seen you through this far. A rebranding isn’t often a case of tearing down everything that you are at the moment and rebuilding it all. Consider Google through the ages. They’ve worked out what made them recognisable – the colours – and modernised what was dating their brand – the font. Especially if you have an established customer base, using familiar elements in your rebrand helps you hold on to those that know you whilst improving the brand for new customers. 

Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone

Yes, you should be using elements of your existing brand if they’re working for you. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to let go of things that you are only keeping because they’ve always been that way. Data is your friend here to see how customers respond to new ideas. When we do a full rebrand we’ll start with some that might seem familiar to you, but also incorporate new things that we know will surprise you. Sometimes, they’re an effective new start. 

The power held in a good brand is the key to new customers, a better relationship with your current clients, and making a real impact on the industry you’re competing in.

A rebrand is a big job, but the returns can be exponential. If you’re interested in a rebrand with a team that’s experienced and creative, speak to Zinc today. We can’t wait to hear from you. 

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