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What Is A Stand-Up And Why Do We Do It

At Zinc, we work within an Agile development framework. This, in a nutshell, means that we work in an incremental approach on several different elements of a project simultaneously to ensure efficiency. There’s a lot more to Agile and the way it works, but one of the primary ways that we manage projects and people in this framework is through standups.

Agile has a few different ways of catching up with a team. It’s vital in the agile environment that everybody has an insight into the project; who is doing what, if there are any obstacles, and whether another team’s work will be impacting yours that day. Scrums and stand-ups are both ways to do this. A scrum is a meeting that must adhere to a set structure. It’s run by a scrum-master who ensures everybody observes the rules. It’s a 15 minute long time-boxed event where only the development team speak; it’s not time for the product owner or stakeholders to say their piece. A scrum is based on analysing the progression towards the sprint goal and identifying anything that would impede the project. It works to three questions:

What did I do yesterday that helped the development team meet the sprint goal?

What will I do today to help the development team meet the sprint goal?

Do I see any impediment that prevents me or the development team from meeting the sprint goal?


A stand-up is a very similar process to a scrum, but has some important differences that ensure it’s considered a different process. At Zinc, we’re working on several different agile projects at a time. In order to ensure that we can cover everything that we need, we chose to choose a stand-up instead of a scrum. A stand-up works in a similar way, but is less constrained by rules. 

A stand-up still happens every day, and but allows every member of the team to say their piece. We choose to follow the three question format, but allow for longer than the 15 minute total time limit, and include other members of the team aside from the development team. That’s because here at Zinc, our developers work closely with Product and Project Managers, Engineers and Analysts. It’s important that everybody working on a product has the chance to understand its progress and discuss the impediments it could be facing. 

Each member of the team will stand, go through each project they’re working on to align everybody with what’s happened in the last day, and the progress made. We work as closely as we can to the principles of communication, preemptive action and efficiency. 

If you’re looking for a development team that work to an agile framework and ensure effective, efficient product development, speak to Zinc. We’d love to be a part of the next step for your business.

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