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Central Mailing Services are a leading provider of print and mail solutions. With over 27 years of experience they have supported high-profile clients such as Coca Cola, Disney and Shell with fulfilment services. They work with a range of sectors and offer a variety of services, making them an ideal partner for any business needing a mailing company that could accommodate a multifaceted requirement, from storage to pick and pack, to send. 

Central Mailing have worked hard to turn their location in Birmingham into one of the most technologically advanced locations in the country, with the latest machinery to enable their team to address any project. This enables them to keep their business fast, cost-efficient and accurate. 

When we spoke with Central Mailing, they didn’t know if they wanted to just tidy up what they had, or to have a brand new start. They needed a full-service partner, with work from both the Creative and Marketing departments, to analyse their needs and improve their online offering. 

Key objectives

  • Improve the Central Mailing site to reflect their industry-leading status
  • Support the team in refining the site to a new structure 
  • Bring the site’s SEO strategy into Google’s best practice

We put forward two options to Central Mailing – what we’d do to just clean things up and how the site would look if we redesigned everything. After they’d seen what we suggested, they decided to go for a full overhaul, to make sure that their site would remain futureproof. The improvements that would have been made on the code and the potential for a flexible marketing strategy meant that Central Mailing were keen to take a step towards a more effective design. 

Once this had been decided, we got to work. The client liked that their homepage had their services displayed clearly, so we updated and improved this feature to be more pictorial and eye catching.

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To add movement and life to the page, we suggested the incorporation of a video banner and a parallax manel that allowed the message to remain clear without being static. 

Once we had started working with the team, our marketing team dug deeper into the SEO work that was present on the old site. Here, we found thousands of location pages that were keyword stuffed and duplicated. We then worked with the Central Mailing team to reduce the number of excess pages to offer the best user experience. Following the build process, we completed a full migration to ensure that no Google rankings would be lost. The site’s overall health increased by 25% following launch.

Central Mailing was a project that was a true collaboration between a leader in an industry and a digital partner helping them make the impact they need. We are excited to see where their future takes them and for the Zinc team to be with them along the way.

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