How to futureproof your site during times of uncertainty


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In the world of business, it’s important to be ready for uncertainty. In the UK, and globally, we’re currently looking at a lot of uncertainty. It’s natural for businesses to look at the way they’re working and to try to find the best way to protect their staff and their future. At Zinc, we’ve been helping businesses through thick and thin for years. Our teams are made up of strategists, experienced specialists and consultants who understand the online market, and know how to maintain it. 

In our current climate, the world is going digital. To make sure that your customers can find you, and are able to secure a future for your business, online is the best place for your business to be. In the current COVID-19 Pandemic, it’s the only option for many. 

If you’re looking for a way to futureproof your site, for now and for whatever may come in the future, make sure that you’ve ticked some important things off your list. 

On your site

Update your content

Your website will be the first port of call for many customers wondering how you are operating, what you are able to provide, and whether you’re offering the service they need. Make sure that your copy reflects the current way of working, and that any major changes are reflected in easy-to-find banners. 

Adapt your business

As the world is going digital at the moment, your business needs to be able to follow suit. Take a look at the way you operate, and consider how you would be able to continue digitally. If your business is in retail and you’re currently unable to fulfil online orders, now is the time to add an ecommerce functionality to the site. If you already have ecommerce, make sure it’s easy to use. 


Within your strategies

Maintain your momentum on SEO

SEO doesn’t take a break. By maintaining a high position on organic search, you can be found by current customers looking for your brand and new customers searching for your service. With around 3-6 months until you see the impact of many of the things that you do within an SEO strategy, stopping when things get uncertain can simply mean that you’re not able to be found exactly when everything starts to return to business as usual. 

Update your PPC 

PPC helps you to get found online exactly when you need it, and whatever you need it for. Make sure you amend your current PPC copy to reflect current pain points; highlight home delivery services, online meetings and anything else that you know that your customers will be hoping to see. 


Things change on a daily basis, especially at the moment. You should be using your blog to go into detail about what’s new with your business whenever it will have an effect on your customers. They’re looking to you for a firm answer and some stability, so do your best to provide it whenever possible. Similarly, stay active and honest on social media. There, you can answer the questions that your customers are bringing directly to you. 

Stay considerate

In a time of uncertainty, your business has the opportunity to help people. Stay kind, stay honest, and help when you can. The relationships you build with your customers in times of hardship are the ones that will last. 


Now isn’t the time for big changes; it’s the time for smart ones. Adapt what’s been working before to fit the new normal, and continue the trajectory that you were on. As businesses, we’re all in this together. We’ll all do what we can to help each other. 

If you’re looking for advice, answers, or support in getting online, Zinc are here to help.

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