Launching two sister sites for ERP Today and ERP Awards



ERP Today is an independent publication for all within the ERP sector. They deliver insights, interviews with thought leaders, and commentary on the issues affecting their industry. The business is built on a strong foundation, written by industry experts and headed up by an entrepreneur with more than ten years of experience. He wanted to ensure that ERP Today was, and would continue to be, an independent publication. It’s delivered for free, and commits to a maximum of 30% advertising content to keep the magazine true to its initial goals: to educate and entertain. 

When we first spoke with ERP Today, their existing site was a shell. It didn’t have some of the basics we’d hope to see in any site, such as sitemaps that would help it rank in Google. We initially supported with some one-off marketing actions to solve this issue. Then, after a year, ERP came back to ask us to redesign the site and launch a second site for their awards ceremony. They’d had a successful year, and wanted to keep up the momentum with revised imagery and increased functionality.


Key objectives

  • Create a central website to showcase the publication 
  • Create a sister website to promote their Award Events
  • Add functionality to read the publication online

The client already had their branding established, but were looking to refresh the existing website and bring it in line with the awards website that was being designed by the Zinc team. Their red and while colour scheme allowed us to use bold imagery and colour blocking to ensure that the two sites were clearly linked, yet still able to highlight the differing focuses of each. 

Within the Awards site, the focus needed to be informative. As it is an inaugural event, it was important to clearly display the key details of the event alongside a description of its goals. We did this using panel-based design, balancing imagery with text to ensure that the information wasn’t diluted. 

By balancing branding, messaging and imagery, we were able to ensure that the ERP Awards site was both linked to their main site, whilst able to stand alone.

The magazine site has lighter content needs as an already established publication. For this, we ensured that the design was clearly directing readers to sign up, or learn more about the events and advertising available. 

The client was also looking for a way to encourage readership online, in addition to their existing print copies. To accommodate this, we included a ‘Digital Hub’ functionality. This not only allows subscribers to read the magazine online, but to download a digital copy to their device. This makes it possible to read on any device, increasing the likelihood of readers sharing the publication. This increased visibility would lead to more subscribers, who are then able to view back issues of the magazine. 

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