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Google is constantly updating and improving. Arguably the biggest marketing platform in the world, Google has the power to tell us everything that our clients are searching for, buying and ignoring. Especially for Paid Search Marketers, there are a wealth of new tools that are helping marketers everywhere improve their services. 


New Google Attribution tab on Analytics

Attribution has been one of the most important words in marketing. It’s how we know what’s working throughout the whole customer journey, instead of attributing every success to the most recent click. If we know that the customer has clicked on two paid adverts, completed an organic search and then found the company through social media, we’ll know to share the credit for the sale instead of simply believing that social media is the only thing that’s worked. 


Google has always had attribution data within Analytics, but it’s recently rolled out a Beta test that vastly expands the data available. It not only shows the conversion paths, but delves into the average conversion lags, path lengths and model comparisons to show the most effective marketing methods in one simple place. 


Google Ads now records store visits 

Store visits are some of the hardest conversions to track, and can be one of the most productive. Beforehand, there was no way to know if somebody had interacted with your business online and then visited a store to complete their purchase. Marketers had to rely on workaround solutions such as voucher codes, wifi connections and even surveys to understand their customer journey. 


Now, a limited amount of Google Advertisers are able to track these kinds of conversions. Although there are a few requirements to make sure that Google is able to accurately track such as a Google My Business listing, thousands of ad clicks, multiple locations in eligible countries and more, the potential is still incredibly exciting. Using this initial rollout, Google will refine this tracking method and and offer marketers a more complete picture of their online and offline successes. 

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New Shopping section in search results

Google Shopping remains amongst the most successful paid advertising mediums around. With it, you’re able to deliver exactly what your customer is looking for and shorten the buying process to encourage a conversion. However, it’s no longer only available to paying retailers. With the right structured data, or a Google Merchant Center Product Feed, these listings will now show up organically.

This will enable online retailers to compete both organically and through paid media, taking up valuable retail space and expanding their online presence.

Google Ads officially announces Lead Form Extensions 

The primary goal of Google, across the board, is to improve the experience for their users. As part of this, they have added Lead Form Extensions onto search campaigns to enable your customers to get in touch as quickly and easily as possible. According to Google’s numbers, they have seen examples of a 20% increase in closing rate for sales leads as a result of the new feature. 

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