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The Nest are a group of experienced retail professionals who connect professional buyers of maternity and baby & toddler products with high-quality suppliers. They support small businesses looking to expand their reach both locally and internationally, whilst connecting buyers with a more diverse range of products and suppliers. The business was built on years of experience within the sector aiming at improving the opportunities for buyers and suppliers alike. From building product ranges to Workshops and consultancy, The Nest provides a valuable resource to the Baby & Toddler retail market. 

The Nest’s old website needed modernising. They came to us with strong brand guidelines and knowledge of their markets but weren’t able to get these vitally important factors across on their existing site. The business needed a creative partner that was able to launch a site that functioned well from an eCommerce perspective as well as an informative brochure site. 

Key Objectives 

  • Improve the design and user experience of the site
  • Build an effective e-commerce website
  • Offer distinct areas and information for each target market

In our initial talks with The Nest we found that, although their current site was aimed solely at Buyers and Suppliers, they had six key markets that they were hoping to cater to. Their brand guidelines were modern, clean and chic, but their site wasn’t in line with these needs. It offered little eCommerce functionality, and limited information about the true capabilities of the business. 

Following these insights, the Zinc Creative Team got to work. The branding supplied had several unused colours that toned beautifully with the neutral greys of their primary brand, so we chose to use these to highlight each of their six essential target markets. These were laid out on the homepage in a grid to ensure that there was a short customer journey for those who knew what they were looking for. 

Take a look at how we revitalised their old designs to bring them into a more engaging, customer focused design

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We made sure that the navigation was clean and easy to use for those who came to the site looking for answers. We replaced the impersonal imagery that was on their previous site with imagery that represented The Nest brand on the homepage, incorporating more product-focused imagery on the pages designed to sell. 

One of the most important parts of the new site was the account and shopping functionality. Built with WooCommerce, it provides a balance of style and function. Once a buyer has logged in, the navigation updates to show their basket and the options available to them. Within this area is the opportunity to browse and filter products, build a range, and place an order. 

With a new site, and the potential for marketing, optimisation and advertising, we’re excited to see where The Nest’s new site will take them. With their knowledge and passion for making a change in their industry, we know they now have everything they need to make their next step.

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