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Who remembers Bebo? Maybe we’re showing our age, but there were some fans of the social media network in our office. Yesterday, their long-dormant homepage announced that there was something new ‘Coming Soon’. In its heyday, it had 80million unique users logging in regularly, and was the UK’s most popular social network in 2007.

Of course, a lot has changed since then. We were a company that only offered web design, without any of the digital marketing offerings that make up the other half of our business today.

Check out how Zinc’s own site looked when Bebo was at the height of its popularity.

Nostalgia aside, we’re sure that Bebo will also need to have made some changes in order to return to its previous heights. However, the successful return of Bebo could mean a lot for businesses. We’re all relying more on online marketing, with social media central to any marketing campaign. If Bebo can recover their old fanbase, and engage the newer audience who weren’t online when they were first launched, they could offer a social media platform that has the benefit of a newly engaged audience. They’d have a window of opportunity to captivate an audience who are searching for connections and show them the platform features before the novelty wears off. What’s more, the site was acquired by Amazon in 2019. If there’s any backer with the power to bring this site back to its former glory, it’s Amazon.

Through Google Trends, we can see that the interest is already growing to know what’s in store from Bebo. As the news spreads, we can expect to see this graph grow even further.

bebo google trends

It’s not clear what’s planned for the revived Bebo social network. It’s already been stipulated that all of our old profiles and data on the site were lost long ago, and the landing page that exists currently is keeping its cards close to its chest. The ‘About’ page, that promises more info, doesn’t go to a page yet. Audiences, Zinc included, will be waiting with baited breath to see what potential there is for Bebo.

For businesses, any platform that offers a direct connection to the audience has the potential to be a catalyst for growth. That’s why we’re not only watching what’s going on with Bebo just out of interest, but to make sure that if there’s any chance that our clients can benefit from this new development, we’ll be the first to know.

We’re excited to be a part of the newest developments in digital marketing.

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