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By now, it seems almost redundant to begin a blog with ‘2020 was a year like no other’. But for people and businesses around the world, Zinc included, it was. We started out the year with big plans for our company, and found ourselves having to adapt quickly to a succession of brand new situations.

If there’s one overarching lesson learned this year it’s that businesses that can’t adapt don’t survive. We’re lucky to have a team that was able to redirect our path and find a way for our agency to help our clients through the uncertainty, emerging at the end with a brand new way of doing things. When the pandemic first hit, we realised that the only way through it was to be flexible. That went for what we were offering our clients, and for how we delivered it. The result of this year? A brand new product: Creative and Digital Marketing Plans.

Before this, we were selling our services as separate entities. We were doing this because it was what had always worked for us, and because that’s the way that we’d always done it. Nevertheless, we could see that our customers needed us to champion flexibility and change their offering with their needs.

Our creative website plans are made to suit businesses of all sizes, scaling up the number of pages and the level of technical functionality to fit ecommerce businesses, small startups or big redesigns. We’ll be able to get our clients up and running much more quickly, without lots of back and forth when it comes to what is going to work best.

With our marketing clients, we have always championed a combined effort. The best results come from a blend of all our services, so we created a plan that allowed us more flexibility – a number of hours, to be shared between all of our services. If you’ve got a campaign that needs quick action, we’ll focus on PPC, and then once it’s done we can spend our time future proofing the site with SEO. It’s simple, yet effective. We’ve found that it works great for our newer clients, and older clients have already asked to be moved over.

All in all, we’re delighted that the need to adapt in 2020 brought us a way to help our clients even more.

If you’d like to know more about our plans, take a look here to see our creative plans, and here for our marketing plans.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth chat, we’re still always at the end of the phone. We’re experienced, passionate, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

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