Are WordPress Websites Good for New Businesses?


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If you’re starting a new business, or are growing one, we won’t be the first to tell you that a website should be at the top of your list. In the modern day, most transactions are preceded in some way by a Google search and a browse of a website. Even if you’re a physical store, you’ll be using the internet to make sure that you’re able to be found, that your services are clear, and that your customers know everything they need to know about you. 

The world is full of CMS (content management system) options. Some are made to make the process as fast as possible, such as Wix, and some are made to be used only by people who have the know-how. WordPress is one of the few options that works for everybody. 

If you’re a new business, your priorities are simple: you need to grow. Here’s how a WordPress website can help you on your journey to a thriving business. 


It doesn’t have to be expensive!

Let’s face it, as a new business owner, you’re watching the bottom line on everything you do. Even for established businesses, spending hundreds of thousands on a website built by hand isn’t feasible. Luckily, we’ve found that it’s also not necessary. 

WordPress is a platform that’s free to set up. Your costs with an agency such as ours are all our skills and expertise; design and development. At Zinc, we put together our creative plans, so our customers can work within their budgets. Then, once the website is built you won’t be paying WordPress a subscription fee to keep your website running. That’s a cost that you can drive into business growth. 

It’s SEO-Friendly

Search Engine Optimisation should be on your mind at every stage of a website build;  many of the key technical aspects are best done at the build stage. Here at Zinc, for example, our designers work alongside our marketers to make sure that every site is launched with the SEO basics covered. Some of the ‘drag and drop’ website builders aren’t as SEO friendly as they suggest; the way they’re built makes it hard for Google to crawl all the content. With WordPress, you won’t have that problem. Google is able to scan fully and see everything it needs to, helping your business climb those rankings. 

It’s Browser-Based

Something many of our clients never think of, but inevitably value, is a browser-based website. Some CMS platforms require you to be on a certain computer, or to download specific software, to make changes. With WordPress, you’re able to log in from any internet-connected device and update your content on the go. If you’re busy running a business, this flexibility is invaluable. Need to change a price or tweak a blog last minute? WordPress is what you need. 

It’s easy to use

You won’t need a degree in Web Development to pop a new blog on your site with WordPress. We’ve found that our clients get to know the platform well quickly, with a short training session, and are then able to update their own content as they need. That can save you lots of costs for an agency updating your content for you and charging their hourly rate.

It’s got the security you need

Cyber-security is essential, especially if you’ve got potentially personal information such as email addresses or payment details being collected on your site. WordPress is constantly being updated and patched to keep up with the ever-changing cyber-security landscape. It’s also got lots of plugins that can add a further layer of protection if you need it. 

It’s got endless possibilities

At its core, the above reasons are all a bonus to the real reason that Zinc as an agency recommends WordPress to the vast majority of our clients. Although we’ve got a team of talented developers who are capable of building a website from the ground up, we know that we can get a stunning site built in a fraction of the time with WordPress, without having to compromise on the work of our design team or the functionality needs of our client. Need a booking system? A ecommerce platform? A multi-category blog catalogue? It’s all possible.

If you’re a new business who wants to talk websites, Zinc is here to help. We design, build, and work to your goals the whole way.

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