Using a full-service approach to elevate Adrenaline Alley’s digital strategy

As Europe’s largest urban sports centre, Adrenaline Alley have a busy website and were growing quickly. They needed to move away from an unsupported legacy system and gain insight into the best way to grow their charity.


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Project Brief

Adrenaline Alley had been using their existing website for years, but it was no longer able to handle the users trying to book using the platform. What’s more, they lacked insight into the best way to reach and bring in new customers, but didn’t want to invest time and money when their site wasn’t performing.

They asked us to help with bringing new customers to the site, improving the way the site looked and functioned, and to build a brand that fit their target demographics in order to maximise the potential that the charity has as the largest urban sports venue in Europe.

  • Improve existing user experience
  • Optimise internal processes
  • Provide consultancy on marketing, branding & systems
  • Increase membership numbers
  • Grow brand awareness

The Challenge

Adrenaline Alley came to us with an unmanaged legacy website that wasn’t performing in any way. It made registrations and bookings difficult, putting off valuable customers. As a charity, keeping the revenue high and the costs low was of utmost importance.

We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.

The Solution

Adrenaline Alley needed guidance, so we began working with them in a consultancy capacity to ascertain their target audience, and how best to appeal to them. We found that, although the average visitor is under 18, there were significant influences from parents, schools and communities. For this reason, we began work on a rebranding, a new site, and an updated booking system. We then began a paid search campaign based on Google Grants, providing charities £7,300 of free advertising spend. We used this to build brand awareness and spread the valuable message that the charity has to share. With an ongoing creative retainer, the marketing efforts were accompanied by bold, eye catching graphics.

  • New site designed and launched
  • A simplified booking process
  • Google Grants funded Google Search campaign
  • Seasonal campaigns across the UK and Europe
  • Ongoing branding support

Google Grant & Paid Search

Google Grants is an initiative from Google to support nonprofits with free spend. We connected Adrenaline Alley with a Google Grants account, then managed the account to maintain the required 5% Click Through Rate, high Quality Score and specified Keyword types.

Google Grants supplied Adrenaline Alley with an invaluable way to share their message without needing to move budget from other parts of the charity. It enabled them to increase membership and promote events effectively.

A simplified booking process

The previous booking system was outdated and difficult to use. We replaced it with a system that enabled the team to link their events and daily sessions with the booking system, ensuring that events and equipment was managed effectively. The UX was improved to make the user journey a more intuitive experience.

Ongoing branding & creative support

We continue to support Adrenaline Alley with posters for events and sessions, promotional items and microsites that help keep their events in the public eye.

The Results

With the benefit of an updated site that was designed for the target audience, a better booking system, a recognisable brand and ongoing marketing, Adrenaline Alley saw great results. Within 6 months of the new site, the new digital strategy had earned £47,698 of revenue for the charity. The goal of breaking the 100,000 membership ceiling was achieved and surpassed, and the Paid Advertising brought 20,000 incremental sessions to the site with no cost to Adrenaline Alley. With the support of a data-based digital strategy, Adrenaline Alley was able to grow and raise valuable funds for their cause.


memberships achieved to date


incremental sessions generated from Google Grants


of digital revenue generated within 6 months

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