Using Paid Search and Design to launch a startup to a highly targeted audience

A pre-launch startup are hoping to make a name for themselves in the premium travel market, and need a digital strategy that will launch their new venture with the right branding, style, and marketing to achieve success.




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Project Brief

Avventura approached us ahead of their launch in need of a full-service agency that could support their new startup. They knew their market and niche well, but wanted a creative & marketing partner that could help bring it to life.

They asked us to help put together a site and brand that would appeal to their target market, and to put together a marketing strategy that would drive the right leads to it. To do this, we worked in tandem with another service provider to ensure the client had every service they were looking for. The client wanted to ensure that they were able to reach qualified leads that were most likely to become sales, so we made sure to take this on board when planning.

  • Create a premium brand and a high-end website that appealed to their target market
  • To provide an account and e-commerce functionality onsite
  • Work together with their partners for a fully rounded strategy
  • Reach the right audience with a marketing strategy
  • Enable the startup to compete in a busy market

The Challenge

Avventura were starting from scratch in a competitive market. What’s more, their service is a high-end option that, although boasts impressive USPs, carries a high value price tag that appeals to a specific demographic. The company was starting from the ground up, and hoping to make a big impact from the launch date.

Challenge yourself, jump offthe deep end and learn to swim

The Solution

We began with a branding workshop that pitched a range of potential logos and styles to Avventura. Once they had chosen one that they felt supported their simple, luxury feel, we designed and built a site that focused on delivering a high-end experience. The Marketing team created a strategy that would launch Avventura into the right sphere. We decided that SEO was valuable, but to qualify leads felt a Paid approach should be the primary focus. Considering the target audience, we combined both search and social advertising to reach users on a range of platforms.

  • Branding workshop
  • Responsive, functional web design and build
  • Paid Social and Search advertising
  • Digital and Print design services
  • Enhanced SEO launch

Branding workshop

With clean lines, bold monotones and highlights of gold, the Avventura branding communicates a refined luxury. We chose a light font with distinctive pointed features for a subtle yet original detail.

Responsivewebsite design

To expand the clean, contemporary brand into a full site, our creative team made use of aspirational imagery and simple headings to let the destinations speak for themselves. We balanced the need for simplicity in a content-rich, informative site with ‘Read More’ options, allowing for white space alongside education. With traffic being driven from social platforms as well as search, it was vital that the site was fully responsive with as much impact on a mobile device as a desktop.

Paid search and social

In order to maintain a targeted marketing strategy, we chose paid search and social advertising. This enabled us to limit to relevant demographics to prevent wasted spend on an unlikely lead. We chose dramatic, aspirational imagery for Instagram and engaging calls to action to catch the attention of searchers.

The Results

Within the first three months of launch, Avventura was already making a name for itself. The Instagram campaign reached 132,700 people, it began to rank in first place for a competitive brand name within a month, and achieved a high Click Through Rate and low Cost Per Click. As a result of the brand awareness campaigns Avventura had its first enquiry within Week 1, and continued to have regular enquiries as the marketing strategy continued. Due to the targeting in place, over a third of the site visitors were within the key demographic and 100% within the age parameters set by the client.


people reached on instagram


Ranking 1st for highly competitive brand name within 1 month

1 week

First enquiry within 1 week

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