Working in partnership to provide market leading digital brochures to support commercial property investment sales

Gerald Eve is an international property consultant working with bluechip business to buy and sell commercial property. To aid their clients in investment decisions, Gerald Eve uses property brochures, portfolios and microsites with vital information and imagery.


Gerald Eve


Brochure Design, Web Design, Photography Management





Project Brief

Gerald Eve needed a way to inform their buyers of the properties available that displayed each option alongside the relevant information and aspirational imagery. Traditionally in the property industry, this is brochures. These tend to be printed, though are increasingly found in digital forms such as PDF and Microsites.

These brochures need to be of an incredibly high quality to support the sale of the property, attracting and informing investors. To ensure this is achieved, the in-house team at Gerald Eve work closely with our designers to refine the brochure and keep the information correct. They need a solution that provides an end-to-end service, from design and photography to amendments and print.

  • Supply Gerald Eve with brochures and portfolios in a range of formats
  • Ensure a high-quality design that displays property in the best light
  • Keep up with a fast paced environment
  • Provide an end-to-end service
  • Work in tandem with the in-house team

The Challenge

Gerald Eve works within a very fast paced industry. Commercial properties become available at short notice, and need to go to market at the optimum time. This can entail a very quick turnaround on a large project, with a lot of amendments in a small time period. They need a team that is responsive, capable, and cooperative.

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The Solution

Zinc Digital works in partnership with Gerald Eve to ensure they receive a service that suits each requirement as an individual project. Using a branded set of brochure templates, we then adapt each project to the colour scheme, locations and medium it will be shared in. To ensure the highest quality end product, Zinc Digital manages everything from the photography used in each portfolio to the printing process, microsite or interactive PDF it is finally presented in. This ensures that the property details and technical information are provided to potential investors accurately and attractively.

  • Custom brochure and portfolio design, including interactivity
  • Unlimited amendment services
  • Photography Management
  • Print services
  • Microsite design and builds

Print Services

In the case of a printed brochure, quality is key. We work with a printing partner to ensure that each brochure is printed to show the property, photography and design in highest quality.

Custom Brochure & Portfolio Design

Each brochure project is treated as a custom project, balancing the Gerald Eve styling with different colours, imagery and design options to suit the portfolio itself. As a part of every project, the Zinc team creates tables, maps, annotated aerial photography and statistic sets to inform investors. By balancing the classic style of Gerald Eve with the individual project, the client is provided with custom, branded design for every requirement, whether it is an in-house sale or on behalf of the end client.

Photography management

Exceptional photography is a cornerstone of a successful brochure. We ensure that the internal, exterior, drone and aerial photography is completed to show the features of each commercial property in the best light.

The Results

The Zinc Team has worked closely with Gerald Eve on the sale of 146 commercial properties within the last two years through 63 investment brochures and portfolios. The resulting brochures and portfolios are a cohesive set of custom design and photography that has been instrumental in the sale of 15,624,880 combined sq ft. of commercial property. By using consistent communication and a dedicated design team, we ensure a fast turnaround as standard. They’re able to rely on Zinc to deliver high quality brochures in print, microsite and digital formats consistently, and to the right time scale. The brochures made by Zinc have supported the sale of more than £1billion of property sales in the UK.


worth of commercial property sold in the UK assisted by Zinc


combined sq ft. of properties sold with marketing brochures


commercial properties marketed through 63 property investment brochures & portfolios

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