Using ongoing testing, measurement and partnership to improve Liberata’s online impact

Liberata are a specialist business process company that works in partnership with public and private sector to support public services and improve their practices. They were looking for an ongoing partnership that enabled them to communicate more effectively with clients.




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Project Brief

When Liberata came to Zinc, they had several sites under their umbrella. Consistently, these sites were unclear, unhelpful and alienating to customers. They knew that they needed to find a way to be clearer online and get more traffic to their case studies in order to show the value of their services. They wanted to understand their user journey and improve the experience on three of their sites.

Liberata knew that they had ongoing needs as they would be attending exhibitions, sending newsletters, printing brochures and posting regularly on social media. They were looking for a digital partner who could supply them with these assets regularly, in the right branding and to a high standard.

  • Update their branding
  • Design and build a new family of websites that represent the brand cohesively
  • Supply them with a full suite of printed assets, including exhibition stands
  • Find a way to improve the engagement within their case studies
  • Supply ongoing creative assets such as newsletters, brochures and social graphics

The Challenge

The Liberata sites weren’t getting the level of engagement they should have for the traffic levels they were experiencing, but Liberata wasn’t sure why. As an agency, we needed to solve the problem on the main site before we invested time and money into rebranding and rebuilding anything to avoid perpetuating the issue.

Expect obstacles and face them head-on.

The Solution

We began with Head & Click maps to gain an understanding of the customer journey on the main site. The two new websites were designed and built to be within brand guidelines, yet recognisably individual sites. After testing and measuring the results of the CRO, we then implemented positive changes on the main site in addition to this. Alongside this, we began working as a creative partner with Liberata. We began with a logo design that is built on the current Liberata style guidelines for Liberata Architects, then designed a newsletter and social media guidelines to supply each week. The team were soon attending an exhibition, so as part of this, they were supplied with exhibition stands.

  • Logo design
  • New site design and build on two websites
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation on their main corporate site
  • Exhibition stand design and creation
  • Ongoing creative partnership

Conversion Rate Optimisation

By using Heat & Click maps we were able to ascertain that the Case Studies, which were the goal page, were hard to find. They needed clearer Calls to Action and less distraction surrounding their navigation in the homepage, as well as teaser content such as statistics to encourage clicks. We implemented A/B testing with these changes, including adding case study buttons to the banner and an above-the-fold preview of the target content.

Website Design

Liberata had two sub-sites that needed a full redesign. For these, we approached them as distinct projects that should be tied together with details such as fonts and imagery styles. We based our design on a grid that echoed the main site, but maintained individual identity. On the main site, supported by the Conversion Rate Optimisation, the team improved upon the existing design by replacing the busy mosaic styling with an easy to read grid, renaming the navigation and implementing clear Calls to Action sitewide.

Creative Partnership

For Liberata, Zinc’s creative team supply a monthly newsletter, regular social media graphics and infographics as part of a monthly retainer. Additionally, we supply Liberata with stationery, exhibition stands and brochures when they are required.

The Results

Liberata have been a Creative Partner of Zinc for years as a result of our ongoing work with them. We have delivered hundred of hours of creative work for them, and continued to keep their company supplied with brochures, graphics and newsletters each month. Following the CRO works completed, the conversions on Liberata’s main site increased by 70%, with a 96% increase in click throughs to the targeted case studies. When compared to the previous year, new users on the site increased by 11%. With the benefit of analysis, testing and measurement on the site, Liberata were able to direct resources into methods that delivered with no waste.


increase in conversions


increase in click throughs to the targeted case studies


increase in new users

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