Using Organic Search to improve brand awareness and increase enquiries for Garden World

Part of a larger parent company, Garden World serves as an information portal, supplying gardening advice and directing customers to local stockists. The client wanted to improve the way the site was used, to boost brand awareness and show the value in the Garden World site.




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Project Brief

The Garden World site wasn’t being used to its full potential. The current site wasn’t designed to inform or convert, and the results were a website that wasn’t having much impact. Vitax were looking for a way to increase foot traffic to their resellers, and knew that the Garden World site could be the way to achieve this.

It was clear to the Zinc team that brand awareness and traffic were low. The site wasn’t built to perform in search, reducing the chance of being found when one of the many brands were searched. For this reason, we suggested a new optimised website with an ongoing SEO partnership, alongside digital performance measures to monitor the results.

  • Update the existing site
  • Build brand awareness for a range of brand names
  • Improve site traffic
  • Increase foot traffic to sellers
  • A way to measure the performance of the site

The Challenge

In an already busy market, Garden World is casting a wide net. With many different brand names and some big competitors, we needed a strategy that would offer something different and encourage potential customers to find their local stockist instead of using an online, e-commerce solution.

The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth.

The Solution

As the current site wasn’t working for any of the established goals, the Marketing and Creative teams worked together on a full redesign. From the Creative side, the website needed to be less dated and make conversion easy. From a Marketing perspective, it was important that the site was built with SEO in mind, with enough room for all the content they would need. SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. The SEO team then established a long-term plan to remove pre-existing duplicated content, enriching the site with new, fresh content, and implemented an ongoing outreach strategy. This content was based on answering questions to boost organic traffic. Alongside this, the team began tracking the activity on the site in order to gain an insight into the way that the site functioned for customers, and ultimately our client. This helped us to compare and contrast the old site performance with our new strategy.

  • An updated, SEO friendly site build
  • An ongoing strategy of on-page content and off-page outreach
  • A focus on answering questions to provide value
  • Implementation of easily accessible conversion points
  • Ongoing performance analysis and measurement

Digital performance tracking

Without insight into your site performance, there’s no way to gauge ROI or celebrate successes. We implemented a range of conversion tracking methods to learn where the site was performing at its best.

Updating website design

As a first impression, the previous Garden World site wasn’t providing visitors or search engine crawlers with what they were looking for: clear information. The new design simplified and modernised the site, building it with the right architecture to tell Google exactly how the site could help. We ensured a content-rich design, with videos alongside keyword optimised case studies, product pages and gardening tips to ensure a higher site traffic.

Working in an SEO Partnership

By engaging in a retainer with us, the SEO team were able to make a continuous plan to improve the SEO efforts of the Garden World site, and employ an ongoing strategy to grow the site’s online presence. We worked closely with the Garden World’s internal marketing department to optimise the site in line with their own marketing activities, which is especially important in such a seasonal industry.

The Results

In the space of one year, Vitax Garden World saw incredible improvement in their results. With a newly optimised site, their site traffic increased by 780%, with the percentage of Organic visitors increasing from 39% to 77%. The majority of this traffic was new visitors, able to find the site now that it offered answers to their questions. With the off-page actions, the number of backlinks increased to 482, including many that are above 90DA. Within the first year, there were over 3000 ‘Find A Stockist’ enquiries, with 63% of these from an organic source. The traffic and market that was being lost from a lack of organic traffic was recovered, and the Garden World site began to show worth.


site traffic increase (year-on-year)


increase in new site users (year-on-year)

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