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Are you wasting time and money on website changes that don’t improve your conversion rate?

When a client visits your website, you hope that their visit will convert into a purchase, signup or a download. It’s far more cost-effective
to convert your existing site visitors than to attract many more. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that your website is as inviting as possible
to users.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is optimising key elements of your website to encourage users to engage with your end goal. A high-quality landing page can increase your conversions by 300%. CRO is a your best investment.

See what does and doesn’t work

With the use of A/B testing, it’s possible to see the effect that multiple elements within your content have on your audience. A/B testing divides your website traffic equally amongst several landing page options, in order to test which results in the most conversions. It provides the results of trying many different landing pages without any waste of time and money.

Analyse user behaviour

Knowing what your site visitors do once they have landed on your site is incredibly valuable information. By using Heatmap technology, you’ll know if they are clicking where you want them to, see where their attention is drawn to, and which pages they bounce from. With this information, you can make changes that will drastically improve your conversion rates.

Get solid results

Without testing, CRO is simply guesswork. At Zinc, we prefer to deal in facts, not opinion. Our tools provide solid answers to your questions – you’ll know how many people are coming to your site, and exactly what they do when they get there.

Make positive changes

Not only will you know what works, you’ll know what doesn’t work. With some simple changes, you’ll quickly see an engagement improvement with Calls to Action, forms, landing pages and offers. By understanding exactly what your visitors are doing, you can make the changes that suit them. Conversion Rate Optimisation offers an unbeatable amount of information on the habits of your site visitors.


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