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Are you looking for clients in all the wrong places?

If your business isn’t using social media, you’re missing out on the millions of users logging on every day. Paid Social allows you to choose your channel, target your audience and to use the power of social media to drive sales and brand awareness to your business.

Become a household name

It’s in the name; social media is a place for interacting. If you’re posting regularly, you’re already talking to people who know you. The beauty of paid social advertising is that you can create brand awareness and trust in those who haven’t yet heard of you. This way, you’re able to convert them the next time they see your name.

Get ROI based Strategy

Boosting an advert without strategy is a fast way to lose money on social media. The Zinc team can work with you to choose the channel to suit you and the strategy that gets you results. B2B AND B2C clients have different requirements, so it takes the expert touch to choose the channel, content and methods to bring you the lead generation and brand awareness you want.

Creative Design & Bespoke Copy

Social Media is a visual world. Videos, images and content are the things that will elevate you above the rest, so we’ll bring in our team of talented designers and creatives to create eyecatching visuals pared with inspirational copy that you and your customers will love.

Stay On Their Mind

Remarketing is used to target past visitors to your site, showing those who left the site without buying anything an advert to tempt them back. Social media is the perfect place for this, finding customers when they’re in a relaxed, browsing mood and reminding them of your product.


We want you to get results, and it’s of equal importance to us that you see those results. That’s why we send a monthly report for each of our digital marketing services. For Paid Social Marketing, you’ll see the posts we’re running, how many people you’re reaching and how they interact with the advert. That way, you’ll know just as much as we do about what’s working for you.

Start Innovating Today

We use Agile methodology to manage our app development. This enables us to work flexibly and deliver solutions quickly. Our dedicated development team are skilled in developing for both android and IOS platforms, ensuring that no matter what your requirements are, we’ll have the technological solution to suit you.

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