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Is your PPC campaign wasting money?

A poorly configured PPC campaign can be wasteful and costly. Getting the full benefits takes an expert touch. Zinc Digital are qualified PPC experts. We are certified in Google AdWords and Bing Ads, but also specialise in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads to get your businesses on the platforms that will work for you.

Text adverts

Reach your customers in the first place they look – on the first page of Google. Text adverts allow you to target specific audiences and deliver an advert to them in a highly effective way. It’s a great for quick start, quick reward campaigns.

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Display adverts

Display adverts are the billboards of digital marketing. They’re eye catching, dynamic, and enable you to get your business seen in locations that would be out of reach without AdWords. Perfect for ambitious brand awareness campaigns or (other example).

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Shopping Adverts

For ecommerce retailers of any size, marketing using Google Shopping is an ideal solution. You’ll benefit from increased visibility of your products alongside prices, review and offers, reaching a wider audience and boosting your sales

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Detailed statistics and reporting

With detailed, clear analytics, you can see exactly how well your PPC advertising is performing. Using your key demographics, click through rates, and conversion rates to effectively build your marketing campaigns based on the best return on Ad spend.

Social Ads

Social Media is where brands and customers meet. With paid advertising, you can make sure that the right people are seeing the content and messages that you want them to, reaching audiences exactly where they spend their time and money.

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Don’t let potential customers walk away and forget your name. With Remarketing, you’re able to target customers who have been on your site, not completed a purchase, or even looked at certain products with advertising made to convert them to a sale.

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