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Target Missed Opportunities

Almost 80% of online shoppers abandon their cart. If you’re not advertising to these people, you’re missing out on a huge number of users who have already shown significant interest in your product or service. That’s where remarketing comes in, to track and tempt back missed opportunities.

Choose your audience

With remarketing, you have complete control over who your advert shows to. Consistently getting users abandon their cart? Target them with offers. Had somebody buy a product? Show them related items that they might want as well. With the ability to target so precisely, you’ll be able to offer the perfect ad to bring back a user to complete their actions.

Get Social

Remarketing adverts can not only appear on the display network, but on social media platforms as well. This allows us to create a strategy that will reach your users in the places they spend the most time online, maximising your chances of a conversion.

Strategic Approach

Everything we do at Zinc is based around our extensive knowledge of the world of PPC, and the information that we gather from you and your competitors. We operate with a commitment to constant improvement, analysing and improving everything we see happening in your account to get you the best results possible.


We want to celebrate your successes, so we’ll send you clear reports each month. Here, you can see a breakdown of what’s been done, and what happened as a result so that you can always be in the know about how we’re working for you.


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