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Social Media is a powerful tool that’s often underused. Your social presence not only allows you to organically promote your business to a global audience, but has a positive effect to your off-page SEO.

Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t using Social Media to its full advantage. Simply having a page isn’t enough; Community Management is the most important part of Social Media Marketing. By maintaining regular updates and engaging properly with your audience you will grow your brand and ensure a loyal customer base that feels connected to you.

Done properly, you’ll improve your brand identity so that you’ll become a recognisable name both on and offline. Social Media gives you a direct line to your customers, providing you valuable insights and an unprecedented level of connection with your target market.


At Zinc, we know the value of planning ahead. As standard, we provide all our content clients with a comprehensive plan of what’s going to be produced and when. We develop this by researching your audience and competitors to create something that can address the pain points they have, and make sure that you are the one they choose.


Your website is your online shop front – you need to make sure it represents as professional, capable and an expert in your industry. This can’t be done with outdated or poorly strategised content. Our content marketing team will get to know your business, creating content for your website pages and an ongoing catalogue of blogs that will bring traffic and authority to your site.


One of the many benefits of content is the traffic and links it can generate for your site. To boost this, we use influencer marketing and outreach to get your content seen by the right people. Your name will be in blogs and publications across the internet, shared on social media, and bringing you the attention you deserve.


Whether you’re hoping to target a B2B OR B2C market, choosing the right social media channel and content can be a key marketing tool for you. Our Social Media Marketing packages include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google My Business – a listing online that enables you to shows up in map listings as well as search and post offers and photos to entice customers.

Google Plus

Of all of the platforms out there, G+ is the most neglected. Most people, agencies included, think that G+ doesn’t have the active community to warrant a regular post. Nevertheless, G+ has its place in social media for business. When it comes to SEO benefits, using a Google product will only benefit you. What’s more, G+ links to Google My Business and YouTube, which are both great ways to drive traffic and grow an audience.

We’re an agency that’s results-driven. Our social media strategy will get you engagement, reach and traffic that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

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