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Designing Responsively

With over a decade of experience in embracing new digital directions we’ve become experts in producing personalised customer experiences for website design and apps.

It starts with a glimmer of an idea, our creative team can help you plan, shape, guide and deliver a website or app that will fulfil your business objectives.

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Your brand should resonate throughout your entire business philosophy and culture, and enable you to establish a distinguishable and unique proposition that stands out in an ever-competitive environment and build long-term customer loyalty.

Our creative teams will design a fresh and consistent brand identity and embed this across your organisation by producing logos, stationery, templates and supporting material, resulting in a strong visual persona for your business.

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Every problem is an opportunity for a creative solution

App Design

The average person spends 3 hours per day on their mobile phone. Taking your business mobile provides a fast, simple and effective solution that can improve engagement, brand recognition and delivers you a direct marketing solution to your customers.

We can help bring your app to life, from concept to launch, with our creative team. Our bespoke design will ensure that your app fits your needs perfectly, whether it be for healthcare, e-commerce, or entertainment.

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By analysing your market position we can establish a campaign that is in line with your strategy and produce the creative platform for engaging your targeting audience and converting it into leads for your business.

Our designers will work with you to produce the right visual message and presence for your advertising media and create campaign-focused landing pages to significantly increase conversion rates for your offering.

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Animations & Videos

In today’s world, reaching and engaging with people is very fast-paced and utilising new and dynamic ways of visually displaying your message is likely to be an important factor in compelling your audience.

We are experts in converting what you have to say into video and animation sequences, giving you material that can be syndicated across content channels, posted on social media, embedded in your website and landing pages, displayed on screens and at exhibitions and of course featured in your pitches and presentations.

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Design for Print

Not everything has to be digital! There is still a place for traditional print material in today’s world and our design team has a strong skill base, many years of experience, and all the technical resources in place to produce the full range of printed collateral to suit your needs.

From brochures to direct mail and exhibition stands, we are integrated in our creative thinking and provide full end-to-end solutions for displaying your company and its offerings and promotions through traditional channels.

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Creative Retainers

Let the Zinc Creative Team become your company designers, providing you with the logos, brochures, website additions and creative design that you need to keep your business looking its best.

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Property Brochures

From small brochures to entire portfolios, the Zinc Creative Team is experienced in creating professional, high quality work for the property industry. We offer an end-to-end solution that includes design, drawings and amendments, providing you with a fully bespoke brochure delivered in high quality print or HD digital formats.

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Content Management Systems

When it comes to CMS systems, there’s a lot of information out there. We build our sites on three different systems; WordPress, Shopify and our bespoke CMS, Admin247. This way, we’re able to create a website that works the way you need it to, no matter your requirements.

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A high quality presentation could be the catalyst for positive change in your business. Don’t let a boring set of slides be the reason – enlist the help of experienced professional designers to create a presentation that conveys your message professionally and skillfully.

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