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Do You Need To Get Your Voice Heard Online?

In a world where everybody is talking to your customers, why not try something different. Video is the fastest growing form of media, with billions of hours watched online every week. It gives you a way to make a connection with your customers that nobody else is making in a creative, innovative way. With video, you can build your brand personality and create a voice that says it all.

High Quality Video

We don’t do things by halves at Zinc. When you’re talking directly with your customer, quality is everything. Whether it’s a explainer video, a testimonial or something more, you’ll see only HD video and crystal clear sound from us, every time. We deliver professional, beautiful videos that you’ll be proud to watch over and over again.

Limitless Creativity

With video content, there’s no telling where you can go. We want to hear your biggest ideas, and we’ll work with our partners to achieve them, through film or animation. We’ll start with a workshop with you to pin down exactly what you need, and then we’ll do everything we can to make sure you get it.

Industry Insiders

Our video content is made by the best, from start to finish. We start with our marketing and creative teams, working together to identify your audience and plan a video that addresses their needs. Once it’s made, we use video seeding, social media and SEO techniques to make sure that your video is seen by everybody you want it to be.

Let’s Get Creative

Digital or print, creative or corporate, you can trust Zinc Digital to provide you with a design solution that’s perfect. Our Design Team is passionate about beautiful design that looks great and gets you results. Tell us about what you need today.

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