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Brand Is Everything

Your brand is your personality. It’s the way that you present your business to customers, creating an identity that sums up everything you are in one place. Brand is the way you look, the way you communicate, and most importantly, the story you tell.

Some say it starts with a logo – we say it starts with you.

Start from scratch

Whether you’re a startup or simply hoping for a fresh start, we can help you go from a blank page to a brand that’s uniquely you. Our creative and marketing teams work together to create a brand that speaks to your customers and evokes your identity in everything you do. We’ll work with your name, your logo, your colours and messaging, as well as helping you to convey it on your website and social media in the best way.

Refresh and Revitalise

The most recognisable brands in the world need to shake things up a little. We’ll create a branding strategy that keeps the things that make your brand special, whilst bringing them into the modern day with new ideas and a fresh look.

Making Your Mark

An iconic logo makes your business instantly recognisable. It’s the part of your branding that will be used to define you both on and offline, so we make sure to research, workshop and work on your logo until it’s a beautifully crafted representation of you.

Bring Your Brand To Life

Your brand needs to be a part of everything you do, both digitally and physically. We’ll help build your identity with social creative collateral such as display ads and newsletters, to the stationary and brochures you send out on a daily basis. All in high quality, and all designed to project your business in the best light..

Tone Of  Voice

Image isn’t everything. The way you speak to your customers represents you just as much as the way you look online, so it’s important to make your voice match your brand. We’ll help you workshop and strategise your messaging, ensuring a consistent and strong brand identity across all your communication.

Let’s Get Creative

Digital or print, creative or corporate, you can trust Zinc Digital to provide you with a design solution that’s perfect. Our Design Team is passionate about beautiful design that looks great and gets you results. Tell us about what you need today.

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