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Have You Lost Google Rankings?

The Algorithm Is Gonna Get You

If you’re seeing a sudden drop in your google rankings and you’re not sure why, you could have received a Google Penalty.

SEO is an evolving art. With every new algorithm, there are new things to learn and new ranking factors to take into account. For some, these algorithm changes can cause Google to penalise your site for breaking rules. You may have seen an email notification, but in most cases a penalty is awarded without any warning. With a penalty on your site, you’ll see a significant and fast loss of rankings until the issue is resolved.

The Zinc Team can help.

An Expert SEO Team On Your Side

To solve a penalty, you’ll need to know which algorithm change caused it, and the infraction you’ve. With Zinc to help, it won’t matter if you don’t know your Penguin from your Panda – you’ll have a dedicated team who will work with you and Google to find why you’ve got a penalty, and exactly what needs to happen to solve it.

100% success rate

We’ve never met a Google Penalty we couldn’t beat, and we’re not about to start now. The Zinc SEO team love a challenge, so no matter how complicated your case is, we’ll do everything we can to get you back to Page One.

Never Automated

Some agencies rely on automation to try to fix a Google penalty. We think that if we want something done right, the best way is to do it ourselves. Everything we’ll do to fix the issue is in house and completed manually, so there’s no chance that anybody except a qualified SEO expert will be working on your account.

Post-Recovery Support As Standard

Penalty Recovery can take time. Once we’ve got you back to your former rankings, we want to make sure you’ll stay there, so we’ll make sure that you’re able to know the Best Practice that can keep you from getting a penalty in future. As part of your Penalty Recovery Service, we’ll give you a training session so that you’ll know what to do in future.

(best practice training session)

Has There Been An Update?

An update is the first thing you should look for if you think there’s been a Google Penalty. Take a look at our Updates calendar to see when the most recent update was, and whether it coincides with your ranking drop.

Not A Google Penalty?

Rankings can drop for many reasons. Get our SEO Healthcheck today to find out where you should improve.

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