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Whether you’ve had SEO services before, or you’re just starting out, you need an SEO Health Check from Zinc.

Why Do I Need An SEO Health Check

Any business with an online presence needs effective, up-to-date SEO. Appearing on the first page of Google is crucial; 87% of people don’t even navigate to the second page when searching. If you’re hoping for organic traffic, the higher you appear the better.

Zinc’s SEO Health Check is a complete evaluation of your SEO. It’s free information, with no obligation to continue with us if you’re not convinced. We want the chance to show you that we’re not like any other SEO agency – we know how to get results.

What Will I Receive?

Every Health Check is completely bespoke. We’ll invite you to our Northampton office, or if that’s not convenient we’ll arrange a telephone call to talk it all through. It’s important to us that you understand all of the information inside, and that we can answer all of the questions you might have.

In each SEO Health Check, you’ll receive a comprehensive report on your SEO performance by analysing the following areas:

Keyword Research

Keywords are integral to SEO, so it’s vital that you understand which ones are going to benefit your business. We’ll use our tools to see what you already rank for, and more importantly we can see what you’re missing out on. There could be high-performing keywords that are relevant to you that aren’t being used.


There are many factors on your website that affect the way search engines see your site. Anything from the coding, metadata, heading tags, or load speed could be lowering your ranking. We’ll perform a full evaluation of your site to see exactly what’s going on, and offer solutions to help solve any issues.


Equally important, but often overlooked, off-page SEO is the way that your site appears elsewhere on the internet. Each mention of your site on social media post or through a link tells search engines that you are relevant and discussed. Eventually, this creates domain authority and trust flow, which needs to be high to improve your rankings. We’ll see where you are, and how you can improve.

Competitor Analysis

Any smart businessperson knows that it’s wise to be aware of your competitors. After discussion with you, and a quick look at who else is ranking highly, we’ll look into the SEO efforts of others. From this, we can gain an insight into why you’re being outranked by others, and exactly what needs to be done to fix that.

Google Analytics

Analytics is a useful tool for all areas of digital marketing. For SEO it helps us analyse the traffic to your site. This information allows us to corroborate site amendments with variations in traffic, so we can see the ranking effect that has been had. With this information, we can make the necessary changes to improve your site in the future.

Why let countless customers slip through the net? Contact us today find out what you can do to catch them with our SEO Health Check.

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