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You and your data are in safe hands with Zinc

At Zinc, we hold ourselves to a high standard. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees our clients our best quality service and outlines exactly what is expected of us. Within this, we’re obligated to adhere to data protection laws, and maintain the standards set by the International Organisation for Standardization.


We record all issues reported to us in our secure ticketing system. This data is used internally by our service desk team to track and audit all requests submitted to us. All sensitive information is kept in accordance to the latest GDPR standards.

Data Protection

We are awaiting accreditation from the International Organisation for Standardization for Information Security (ISO 27001). This is an accreditation from an independent body, who audit our security processes to confirm that we are operating within best practice guidelines. Additionally, we’re in the process of confirming our compliance with the new GDPR policies.

For more information on how we protect your data, contact us today.

Start Innovating Today

We use Agile methodology to manage our app development. This enables us to work flexibly and deliver solutions quickly. Our dedicated development team are skilled in developing for both android and IOS platforms, ensuring that no matter what your requirements are, we’ll have the technological solution to suit you.

Our accreditations - you're in safe hands...


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