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Welling Architectural Ironmongery is a family-owned company that has grown to be a leading UK distributor of architectural hardware. They provide both commercial and domestic customers with a wide range of door hardware, priding themselves on exceptional customer service.


Welling Architectural Ironmongery


SEO, Web Design


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Project Brief

When Welling first approached Zinc Digital, their website had been the same for several years. It wasn’t reflecting their brand or company USPs as they wanted it to, and the customer journey wasn’t optimised. As a result, their sales were weighted to offline sales, leaving the online market largely untapped. They knew that their website could be working harder for them, so they came to us.

  • Improve the customer journey
  • Integration into their order management system
  • Make sure data sheets and details are easily accessible
  • Elevate the shop functionality

The Challenge

Welling had a well-established community of trade customers. We needed to make sure that they were supported and able to still get the high level of service they were used to as they made the transition to the new digital approach.

The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth

The Solution

We approached Welling’s project in phases. Firstly, we wanted to get them situated with a new website that achieved the bulk of their goals, and then once that was done, we could expand into a more bespoke ecommerce experience. We knew that we needed to support the new website with a solid search engine optimisation strategy, so we put together a plan to grow the online visibility organically.

  • New navigation structure
  • Intelligent search functionality
  • User focused design
  • SEO Optimisation

Phase 1 - Redesign & Restructure

The old Welling website looked dated. We brought in large, pictorial elements to the homepage, widened the aspect ratio to suit modern screens, and made sure that the products were a focus point to ensure that potential customers could find what they needed quickly. We created a new navigation structure that provided a quick and clear journey to key products

Phase 2 - Expand & Improve

Once we had a solid foundation in the new site design, it was time to bring more elements in. Welling wanted to make sure that their site could deliver a seamless experience to their customers. Phase 2 brought several new functionalities. We installed a fuzzy search option, so that part-searches or incorrect spellings still brought the right products, as well as expanding the branding options to allow customers to see and browse by brand. We also added the capability to add in collections, integrating with the client’s CRM system. In addition, we updated the homepage based on heat and click mapping, and streamlined the website to make it as fast as possible. This challenged the development team, juggling many technical requirements and hurdles to finally create a system that truly worked for our client.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation

Throughout both phases, the Zinc Marketing team was working behind the scenes with Welling’s marketers to improve the online performance of the site. Once we had audited the site and ensured that it was technically sound, we focused on products. Our strategy analysed the product performance alongside the keyword data, making sure that the best price points and search volumes were central to the optimisation strategy.

The Results

For Welling Architectural Ironmongery, the numbers speak for themselves. In the 18 months between the launch of the new site and the time of writing, the site has seen 64% more users, who have made 78% more purchases than the previous period. The bounce rate has dropped by 48%, telling us that the users who get to the site are more relevant and are less likely to leave. SEO has been responsible for over 60% of their website revenue during this period, directly impacted by the 40% increase in ranked keywords.


increase in online transactions


increase in online revenue


increase in organic revenue

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