7 ways to combine SEO & PPC into the perfect strategy


Organic Search, Paid Search

In the world of marketing, there are two leading methods – organic and paid. They work towards the same goal, but often have very different strategies. Some agencies only do one or the other, but at Zinc we think that a combined effort gets the best results. From each, we’re able to learn new things about our customers and how best to reach them. 

The reason that a combined effort is the best effort is that both forms of marketing can inform each other. Here’s how. 

How SEO can help PPC

Utilise a long-term brand awareness

Brand awareness takes a while to make an impact with organic search, so organic search is not the best place to promote something short term. You should be laying a strong brand foundation with your name, mission statements, and services across your organic offering.

A good SEO page will also have a good quality score.

The tenets of a good piece of SEO content are the same things that will achieve a good quality score within a PPC campaign. Use the same rules for your landing pages; make sure they’re relevant, keyword rich without stuffing, and lead the reader towards an action.

Your local SEO can support your ads with reviews

Ad Extensions enable your ads to display more information. One of the most valuable of these is reviews, which support your business with positive social proof. This can be done by linking your Google My Business, which is an integral part of a local SEO campaign, to your ads.

How PPC can help SEO

Get quick results on high-performing meta descriptions

Within SEO, meta descriptions should be targeted towards users to gain clicks. It’s a long process to test these, as there’s no way to perform a split test on it. PPC allows you to use two descriptions with the same targeting to find which description is the most effective.

Remarket to organic leads

Customer journeys include many touchpoints. When a customer has come to your site organically but doesn’t get in touch, you can add them to a remarketing list to encourage them to come back.

Utilise a short-term brand awareness campaign

If you’re just starting out, your brand awareness is very low. The quickest way to grow this is by using PPC to boost your initial offering, and then use it on an ongoing basis for any short-term campaigns so that you don’t disrupt the main branding that’s in place using your organic optimisation.

Sharing Keyword Data

Keywords within SEO can be tricky, especially when starting from scratch. Our SEO teams do extensive research to gain a full understanding of the keywords we target, but one of the best resources is the Google Ads Keyword Planner and the data that’s been collected from previous PPC campaigns. This helps us to see the keywords in action, and how your target market reacts to them in the real world.

With two campaigns, you have double the data to work with. You’re able to streamline each process and analyse what’s really working. It’s the perfect way to build a continuously improving marketing strategy that’s also delivering leads.


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