Should Your Brand Launch a Google Ads Remarketing Campaign?


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When you first begin looking into Google Ads, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. With acronyms everywhere, and a huge number of different ad types, it’s no wonder that the Zinc Marketing Team often takes a whole meeting just to go through the options and understand what is going to work best for our new clients. Without the knowledge and guidance of people who know the ins and outs of Google Ads, they can become overwhelming. Don’t worry, your Zinc Marketing Team is here!

So, what is a Remarketing Campaign, and why should your brand have one? 

Remarketing is a type of display ad. Those are the ads that you see as you browse other websites, appearing on Youtube or down the side of news sites. You’ll notice that these ads are often from websites you’ve visited in the past few weeks. That’s because you’re being remarketed to!

We love remarketing campaigns, because they help guide potential customers towards a sale. Let’s think about buyer behaviour; it’s rare that a customer hears your name, browses your products and purchases something all in the same hour. Most people go through a research phase where they’re narrowing down their needs, browsing options and understanding their deciding factors. It’s a funnel, where you’ll lose potential buyers as they move through these processes. With remarketing, it’s possible to get them back. 

We create remarketing lists that capture user data at the key stages of their journey. We don’t want the net to be too wide, so the Zinc team often chooses those who spend a good amount of time on the website, or who come back a few times. When you’ve got a few people on these lists, you can target them with ads that remind them what you do. 

The key to successful remarketing is choosing these audiences well. Some marketers will simply go for everyone who has visited a site, but with that strategy, you’re spending money to appear in front of people who may not be interested. 

Therefore, if you don’t have good, high quality traffic coming to your site, the answer is no. You shouldn’t be running remarketing ads. 

However, if you’re happy with the traffic quality and just want to work on returning customers, which can in turn lead to higher conversion rates, Google Ads Remarketing can be very effective. 

We know that they improve conversions. The reason for this is simple: the trust-building work is done! The user is past the researching phase, so you know that you’ll be the one who is front and centre when they log on to purchase or get in touch. 

What’s more, due to the ability to create hyper-targeted lists, you can run ads that remind people of the exact product they were looking at. You can let them know about offers that you have going on, or USPs that set you apart from the competition. 

With experienced marketers like the Zinc team by your side, you’re on your way to success! We’ll guide you through the world of Google Ads to marketing success

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