Why You Should Make Landing Pages Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy


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For anyone running a business, the goal at the end of the day is to sell. We’ve spent a long time here at Zinc trying and testing methods to improve the conversion rate that we can generate for our clients. One of our favourite ways to support the digital marketing efforts that our team is working on is to create a dedicated landing page.

According to Hubspot, businesses see a 55% increase in leads when they create landing pages. Nevertheless, they’re often underused. Here’s why we love them.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a web page that’s designed exclusively to be landed on. This means that it’s the page that you direct your ad traffic to, or create to rank a specific keyword for in your SEO strategy. It’s different to just a normal page in both design and content; it’s made for one audience, so the content is fully relevant to them and tailored to convert. It’s designed to guide those who visit towards getting in touch.

It gives a great first impression 

Let’s step into your customer’s shoes for a minute. They’re looking for something, and they know what they want – we know this because of the search terms that they’re using. Landing pages are made to be specific, so when your customer lands on it, we can deliver exactly what they are looking for. We know their pain points and can deliver them a solution straight away, instead of expecting them to do the work as they search through generic pages.  


It gives SEO a boost

In SEO, we’re trying to appease two audiences. One is your actual audience, who are searching for a product or service. The second is the Google algorithm, which is looking for relevant content that’s well-written. When you know your audiences are searching long, detailed keyword (let’s say, Digital Marketing Agency Northampton), a landing page that has content that is 100% relevant is going to perform best for both of these audiences. We can provide the information that they’re looking for and address their needs immediately. 


It provides valuable data

Especially for data-driven marketers like us, a landing page gives us so much value to work with. We’ll be using analytics tools as standard, often including things like Heat and Click mapping that enable us to see what people are doing on the page. Even if you’re not getting the conversions, it’s all data. We consistently test and measure new ways to improve the page and deliver better results. 


It works magic with PPC 

Landing pages are a core part of a PPC strategy. The quality and relevance of the landing page of an Ad directly affects the cost and efficacy of your ad, and the conversion-focused design helps teach the algorithms who your best audiences are. It helps drive tangible results and consistent improvements. 


Landing pages are something that should be in any marketer’s toolbox, whether they are in PPC or SEO, or go for a multi-channel approach like the team here at Zinc. If you’re looking to turn clicks into conversions, it’s a good idea to work with a marketing agency like the Zinc team to create something that works for you.

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