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So, it’s time to write up the content for your new site. What’s the page that ends up with the same content that it’s had for the last 10 years? The About Us page!

We’ve worked on thousands of websites, and the About Us page is one that we see overlooked time and time again. We’re asked if it’s even worth having one, or if it really matters that the content is a bit out of date. We can see why it’s asked; with site content a time-consuming process, our customers want to focus on what’s going to make a sale. 

Nevertheless, an About Us page can serve a vital purpose on a website. It’s often the second or third most visited page on a website; for Zinc and many of our clients, that is certainly the case. 

So, let’s think about why this page is popular? Who is visiting? 


The type of customer who ends up on an About Us page isn’t interested in the faceless buying experience. They’re looking to understand the motivations and personalities behind your business, to make sure that they trust you. They will be interested in how long you’ve been in business, whether you donate to charities that they like, or have an approach that they agree with. Recent buying habits suggest that, with a wealth of options, buyers are looking to values to differentiate businesses.


Vendors, resellers, referrers and business partners are all here to understand the business itself. Are you a long-standing family business or a bold new startup? How did the business begin, and what makes it successful? Furthermore, with partnerships, somebody is likely to be looking for the details of the decision makers, so they know who to bring the important questions to.


Blog writers, journalists, and anybody else on the internet who might want to mention or quote your business is heading straight for the About Us page for context. It’s especially important for the perception of your business that the information they find is correct, and lines up with the way you’d like to be represented. This is because it’s assumed by writers that this is the case, so they’re not likely to verify with you.

Job seekers

For those looking to work in your team, they’re likely to ignore the service pages or the customer focused content, and look to a place where they can get a feel for the inner workings of the business. This is where the About Us page comes in; it’s where the company culture can shine through, and potential employees can decide if they will be a good fit.


Investment opportunities can come from unexpected avenues, but just like potential partners, they’ll be looking at your About Us page to evaluate your company culture, the opportunities for them within it, and who they should be speaking to.

Now we know who we’re writing for, what should you be including in your About Us page? 

A short history of your company

Don’t fall into the trap of writing War and Peace; the average readers doesn’t need to know about every acquisition, addition and move your business has made. What they do want to know, however, is a little of your story to add context. 

Some of the ‘why’

Some would call it a ‘mission statement’, others would call it your motivation, but anything that can build understanding of why you do what you do. 

Awards & Recognitions

A chance to show not only what you do, but how good you are at it! Awards are a great way to add some sales-focus to a page that is usually all about personality. As they’re granted to the business, the About Us page is the perfect place to shout about them. 

Team Members

Put some faces to the names your customers may be speaking with, and make sure that people who might be first getting in touch can find the best person for them. As the old cliche goes, people buy from people, so adding some human touches to your page will really elevate it.  

Social Enterprises

Adding the charities your business works with and the social good it does can really add to the value-based purchasing decisions that modern buyers are making. It helps build a picture of a positive, community focused business. 

Don’t waste the opportunities given to you by your About Us page. Its a great place to establish your brand, what it stands for, and the way you can help people. 

If you’re looking to work with a business that looks at the finer details, Zinc are the agency for you.

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