Combining technology and marketing to connect teachers with jobs in Northamptonshire

Teach Northamptonshire are an initiative tasked with reaching teachers in the Northamptonshire area. They began new and hoping to boost the number of teachers moving to the area for work, as well as supporting those currently living in the area with their careers.


Teach Northamptonshire


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Project Brief

Teach Northamptonshire are a team who began as a funded initiative, tasked with creating a place for Northamptonshire teachers to find information, jobs and training.

They needed to be able to find and engage with teachers in the area, then ensure they found a site that offered the information they need and a simple job application function. Teach Northamptonshire also wanted to grow and nurture a list of teachers in the area, to keep them informed with industry information and useful resources.

  • Grow the teaching talent pool in Northamptonshire
  • Make it easy to find and apply to teaching jobs
  • Reach qualified potential applicants online
  • Grow and nurture a marketing list of teachers in the area
  • Promote Northamptonshire as a place to live, work and visit

The Challenge

Teach Northamptonshire were starting from scratch in the competitive world of recruitment. They needed to be able to reach a very specific market that was already being advertised to, and as a local authority it was important to factor budget into the equation. Teach Northamptonshire were likely to be a client of every department, and needed a collaborative approach.

The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth.

The Solution

We began with branding exercise alongside a custom-designed site that enabled visitors to find resources, browse jobs and apply with a quick form. The Creative team designed a newsletter to inform and retain applicants, which was sent to a list of previous applicants who had agreed to hear from Teach Northamptonshire again. Once the site was launched, we supported it with paid advertising on Facebook. The creative team supported this with social media graphics and infographics that fit with the brand messaging. From these measures, the initiative gained so much traction that the client then added an app to their services, which supplied the same services directly to devices.

  • A custom-built new site
  • Newsletter design & send
  • Ongoing service-wide consultancy
  • Facebook social media advertising
  • A dedicated app for job applications

Facebook social media advertising

We knew that Facebook was the best option for Teach Northamptonshire due to the B2C audience and targeting opportunities available on the platform. We delivered brand awareness campaigns to those on Facebook who were within an hours drive of Northamptonshire, and listed teaching as a job title or interest.

Website Design

Teach Northamptonshire had two goals from their website: to supply resources and to provide a way for teachers to apply online. We created a design that was clean, bright and easy to read, with clear information and an instant job search. We then developed a custom membership model to enable the Teach Northamptonshire team to monitor and manage the schools they work with.

Bespoke app development

To enable the Teach Northampton services to be available wherever they were needed, we launched an app on iOS and Android that used the same custom membership model as the site.

The Results

The Teach Northamptonshire website has gone from strength to strength since its initial launch. 96% of the schools in Northamptonshire now use it to advertise their job vacancies, and the site has seen over 10,500 registrations since launch. The Facebook advertising has reached over 1million people, and helped to boost the app downloads by 88% in the space of one month. The initiative has now become fully self-sufficient, running entirely on income from schools. They have helped thousands of teachers in Northamptonshire, London and the surrounding areas to find a new role. Teach Northamptonshire continues to grow and nurture the schools & teachers in the area with valuable information and resources.




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